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Q. What medicines are considered to be traditional chinese? and what are the most common ones and for what

propose ?
Athere is a long long list of Chinese herbs and their functions. i must say i'm not an expert and haven't tried all of them but some of them are probably not as affective as western medicine and some of them are better. here is a list of some of the most common ones:

Q. What is the medical sense behind Chinese Medicine? and traditional treatments?

A1it's trial and error of thousands of years. not always true but some times even more effective then western medicine. the best idea is to combine them both. at least that's my opinion.
A2hi, this has nothing to do with sense but with consciousness. chinese medicine is very old - 3000 years and more and is based on natural treatments. the chinese medicine detects the causes and cures them. traditional medicine is the actual allopathic medicine teached in most universities world-wide and treats symptoms. a cure is mostly impossible, because the cause will still remain unknown even after a "successful" treatment. also Japan has a very old tradition in medicine.

Q. What makes traditional medications effective? are chineses medications different than others medicines?

AWhat makes modern medications effective? Many natural substances have effect on the body. In fact, most of our current modern medications are actually derived from natural sources. Chinese medications may have lower concentrations of the active substances, so they may be less potent, although they may be as dangerous as well. Another difference is that Chinese medications weren't studies as thoroughly as modern medications.

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Q. Have any forms of traditional Chinese medicine been scientifically proven to actually cure anything?

ATraditional Chinese medicine is more about maintaining health and preventing illnesses, not curing illnesses. But many thousands of symptoms can be relieved with proven effectiveness by using Chinese herbs and/or acupressure massage therapy and/or acupuncture.
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