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Q. Any tips for coping with fibromyalgia?

A1I agree with the fact getting a better understanding helps but for me coping is finding support, someone you can talk to that is understanding. Accepting the fact you have can't do all the things you use to in the same way. REST...nap durning the day if possible so many people say this interfers with your sleep at night BUT for 2 years I wouldn't lie down and rest b/c I slept so poorly at night latey I have found resting if even 30 minutes helps me make it through my day. My medications help so talk to your doctor and I also if I can't nap durning the day sit and read to give my body a break b/c somedays it is so hard to move! 20 minute walks, warm baths, and herbal tea to help me relax and try to get as much sleep as possible at night. Hope this helps and Good Luck!
A2Understanding fibromyalgia may help to improve response to treatment.

As an example, some patients believe that their illness is due to an undiagnosed infectious agent, although there is no evidence indicating that fibromyalgia (or chronic fatigue syndrome) is related to persistent infection.

Those who know the facts concerning this issue generally tend to have more effective results with treatment. Realistic expectations are important concerning the ability to function and the overall long-term management of the condition.

Apart from medications (which may require prescription, so consulting a docotr may be necessary), regular exercise may help, as well as biofeedback, hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy. Of course, consult your docotr before you start any exercise progrma or make any change in your life style.

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Q. Could any of you give me some tips?

hi……..after my breast cancer surgery, I was given Arimidex, which I used for 5 months and I found my bones getting weak. I was not able to stand and it was a shock that I am diagnosed with osteoporosis now…. Still I am not out from the pain of cancer and now this…..what’s happening to me ….Could any of you give me some tips?
A1"A lack of estrogen in post-menopausal women prevents the absorption and utilization of calcium and is the single most important factor in the development of osteoporosis in older women."
"Let's Live" magazine (February 1989), Dr. David Steenblock

and because Arimidex lowering the estrogen level even more- it has even bigger effect. so you developed osteoporosis.
A2I'm sorry to hear this. You must handle this with courage and caution. A link has been found with Arimidex and its risk for bone loss, if you are prone to osteoporosis. It is quite possible that your bone becomes weak and with Arimidex the chances are high. This is only a side effect of the medicine which you have consumed for Cancer. There has to be some treatment to rectify this also; please consult with your doctor.

Q. Are there any tips for my son with ADHD.

My 8 years old son is with ADHD and it is hectic to make him study or carry out the assignments. At times I used to feel why should he study? He finds it difficult to study. He always takes shelter under nonstop excuses almost typed in his mind and I have tried to convince him with chocolates and pizzas but that cannot be the permanent solution to his problem. Are there any tips for my son with ADHD.
A1you could try special services that provide individualized education programs in public schools. it is given free of charge (if he is found eligible...). here is a link talking about those program:
A2ADHD is a disability and needs to be handled properly by parents. My son is also an ADHD and I can understand what goes with you and him as well. You sit with the child and let him go ahead with his studies. It may be possible that he does not understand and thus gives up, so if you assist him he may go well and make him understand, where he is struck and as well appreciate when he does well or completes a part of the task. Try to give him break in 20min to reduce on his frustrations. Try to let him play before homework…….try this way he will slowly understand about routine and also the critical topics which he may be fearful.

Q. Lot’s of time at home, too close to the fridge - any tips?

I’m starting my 6 months-preparation period for my finals next month, which mean I’ll spend practically all day at home, in a dangerous vicinity to the fridge. I already lost 25 pounds that I rather not gain again. Does any one have any tips how to avoid the dangers of being at home so much? ?
A1If you are used to eat something when studying (like me…), try to move to healthier options – vegetables instead of snacks, water instead of coke etc. – it can save you a lot of calories. Good luck!
A2Tough times, indeed. Although the ‘dangerous vicinity to the fridge’ there are ways- try to prepare healthier food (if you have the time), set a regular meals schedule, set rules about taking snacks etc. If you feel the urge for a sweet thing, try to drink water (or tea) before you turn to the snacks.
A3You can make yourself a menu of what you will eat for the day (or you can go by the week). Once you have this you should be ok because you will already know what you are going to eat for the day. If you stick to it you shouldn't have any problems. Good luck on your finals. Hope this helps.

Q. Can I get some tips to feel better even with fibromyalgia symptoms?

Being software professional my work schedule never allowed me to relax at home. I am the proud mom of two kids. I am busy for the whole day and not able to take care of my health. Of late, I have developed severe muscular pain all over my body especially in the neck, shoulder and joints. When discussed with my colleague, I got shocking information that my symptoms resembled fibromyalgia symptoms. She also said that I may have to lead a painful life from now on and I have to get prepared to lead that life. Can I get some tips to feel better even with fibromyalgia symptoms?
AThough your symptoms resemble fibromyalgia symptoms, the diagnosis of the same takes more than several years for the doctors. So I shall suggest you to first rule out the problem in you instead of forming your own conclusions. This may also be due to Arthritis or simple muscular pain. If you respond to the medicines, you can be rest assured of not having fibromyalgia. One important fact is that the fibromyalgia pain lasts for more than 3 months. You may have to be open with the symptoms to enable the doctor to make correct diagnosis and treatment. You can still feel better with fibromyalgia symptoms if you pay attention to massage therapy, heat therapy, and exercise in addition to the medicines.

Q. What are the tips for guests with autism at Disney World?

I have planned to take our neighbor’s child (with autism) along with parents to Disney world. What are the tips for guests with autism at Disney World?
AIt is highly beneficial to anyone with Autism, as long as you manage the visit carefully. Since our nephew gets overwhelmed easily by light, sound, etc., we made sure to take frequent breaks from the popular rides. First and most important: Get a signed letter from your doctor, on letterhead, stating exactly what handicap your child has and what type of accommodation need to be provided. For my nephew, it was waiting away from crowds and loud noises. Take it to Guest Assistance on your first day. You’ll get a Guest Assistance card that is valid throughout your stay. With the guest assistance card, we still had to wait just as long, but we were provided with a secluded, out of the way area to wait in. Earplugs came in really handy, and an afternoon nap is important. Request a quiet room away from noisy areas, if possible. The sandy beaches and whirlpools provide deep pressure stimulation that’s really good for Autistic kids. And, my nephew really enjoyed the wave pools, too.

Q. Anyone have good tips for a diet and exercise?

I'm 15 and I'm 130 pounds 5 foot 6 inches. I was hoping to lose some weight because lately, i've been gaining weight, so i wanna look healthy by the summer. Also, tips to STICK to a diet??? i can NEVER stick to a diet!! i always start a diet, and then i end up forgetting it. PLEASE HELP!!! thnxx =] ?
A1The problem is that fat is also a hormone secreting organ. It secretes Leptin which supposed to stop you from accumulating fat but your body gets used to it. Then it can’t live without it…if you loose weight- your body will think you are starving and will lower your metabolism. This is why you should do a balanced diet with the supervision of a nutritionist and a lot of will power and patience
A2At such a young age I would recommend talking to a nutritionist. i think that first of all every successful diet needs a helping hand. Try to find a good friend that also needs to loose weight –go to a nutritionist together and help each other! It’s easier sticking to doing sport and dieting with a friend.

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