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Q. what are the chances for a one time epileptic seizure?

I had an epileptic seizure a few years ago and after all the tests it appeared to be a one time seizure. I know having one indicates my tendency for this kind of seizures so should I be afraid now to do things that might bring it up again- like alcohol, drugs, being exposed to flashing lights or having lack of sleep? what are the chances of it to come back after 5 years? any help will be very appreciated....thanks!
AAfter 5 years with no recurrence of seizures after a one time episode, tha chances of having another one are low, almost exact to the general population. I would not advise you to start heavily drinking alcohol and doing drugs, because these things can certainly have an effect, however you need not be afraid.

Q. i get headaces all the time what do i need to do?

AIs this new? Are these headaches worsened after lying down? What side of the body are they?

Constant headache in young female may be migraine or pseudotumor cerebri, both have treatments that necessitate prescription by a doctor.

You can read more about them here:

Q. my legs hurt all the time, what is wrong with them?

they ach in the joints and sometimes I get burning needle point pain and the muscles feel like sandpaper
AThere can be a lot of reasons for leg or joint pain, and usually there are not specific problems you can deal with medically. Are you exercising too much? Sometimes stress fractures from running can cause the kind of pain you are describing. Either way you should see someone about this if it is bothering you, either an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist.

Q. Why am I feeling so bloated all the time?

I did a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it came out negative, i have been experiencing a bunch of symptoms that relate to pregnancy and the spotting on and off has started wondering if i should do another test and see what comes out of it..
AHome pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Either because their own limitations or because limitation of the use of them (e.g. testing too early, misunderstanding the instructions etc.). You may try to do the pregnancy test again and see the results now. Anyway, even if you receive positive results in the second test, it should be validated by a test performed by a doctor.

You can read more about pregnancy tests here:

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Q. Will Fibromyalgia Get Better With Time?

I was diagnosed with recently- does it get better in time..?
A1As everyone has said it does not go away. There are medications that can help you deal with the pain and trying to keep a positive outlook I think helps. Good Luck!
A2Doesn’t go away…but you learn how to live with it and if you treat it- it helps a lot. Don’t get depressed over it, it’s not as bad as it seems.
A3Here is a quote from the “national institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and skin diseases”:

“Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, meaning it lasts a long time — possibly a lifetime. However, it may comfort you to know that fibromyalgia is not a progressive disease. It is never fatal, and it won't cause damage to your joints, muscles, or internal organs. In many people, the condition does improve over time.”

Q. If we can get sick all the time- why not take antibiotics all the time and prevent it?

I can take antibiotics to my child and prevent his from getting all sort of diseases. And if so- what should I give him?
A1Antibiotics is a last resort, it should only be used when your body immune system had failed. That doesn’t happen as often as it seems. Taking antibiotics without any need leads to bacteria developing resistance to that antibiotic. Today we stand on a time bomb that will go off soon- there are fewer antibiotics coming out to the market each year and bacteria developing resistance to all sorts of antibiotics.
Don’t give your child antibiotics. It’ll only do him damage.
A2There is a misconception in the general population that germs are bad. That’s not true. Everyone has a huge amount of bacteria on him. In fact- there are 10 bacteria for every cell in your body . and they considered a normal flora of the body. Taking antibiotics daily will kill them and make a vacuum in your body that will let pathogenic bacteria to enter easily. Or even fungus. They actually protect you most of the time, taking antibiotics not according to a physician’s order’s will do only damage.
A3the problem with abuising antibiotics is that, bacteries build resistance to them, and then when you really need them they wont work.

Q. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not...

President Abraham Lincoln said: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
A1By the way, Abraham Lincoln had Sanpaku eyes. Other persons with this different eyes were Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Herbert von Karajan, Bette Davis, Michael Chaplin, Willy Brandt, Harry Belafonte, Natalie Wood, Günter Grass, Vincent L. Broderick, Joe Curran, Mark A. Fein, Charles E. Wright and many others like lixurion999.
A2Do you know parallelism with our main topic "HEALTH" ?
A3What do you think about this famous quotation?
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