Patient discussion about tetrachloroethylene

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Q. breating air that has tetrachloroethene in it how does it affect you if u have prostate cancer

the air in my building has been determined to have Tetrachloroethylene in it i have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer
A1i found a research they did in Finland about tetrachloroethene, and they saw that amongst the people who were exposed to it over the years there was an increased amount of cancerous events. and even prostate cancer.

here is a link to the abstract-
A2tetrachlorathene is a chemical dry cleaning agent that has been determined to be a cancer-causing substance, among other health related issues. As to whether it is related to prostate cancer specifically is unknown. Ask your urologist for thier opinion, as your cancer is quite common in men regardless of exposure to a toxic element. Any correlation between this chemical and cancer or anything else is only speculative, regardless.
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