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Q. Hot flashes while on tamoxifen - is there anything to do?

Hello, Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after surgery and radiation, I was given tamoxifene. In the beginning it was OK, but now I have hot flashes. Usually I can to hold my self until It passes, but some times (like during work) it’s just so bothering- is there anything I can do to make these flashes go?
A1Just a short update, I took Riki's advice and went to see my doctor a couple of days ago - now I just have to wait and see if the medicine he gave me will do the trick.
A2If the flashes pose a significant problem, sometimes it’s possible to take drugs that prevent the flashes. You should consult your doctor about this option.
A3Hot flashes occur in about 50% of the women taking tamoxifen, so it’s reasonable that you’ll know women that don’t suffer from flashes. You can read more about it on the net, like here:

Q. I heard about tamoxifen. Should women who have an increased risk of breast cancer take tamoxifen?

ADear Elizabeth, women with an increased risk of breast cancer can think about taking tamoxifen to reduce their risk. As with any medical procedure or treatment, the decision to take tamoxifen is a personal one in which the benefits and risks must be discussed with your doctor. The balance of these benefits and risks will vary depending on a woman's personal health history and how much importance she puts on the benefits and risks. Even if a woman has an increased risk of breast cancer, tamoxifen therapy may not be right for her. Any woman who is thinking about tamoxifen therapy should talk with her doctor about her personal health situation to make the best decision.

Q. Want to know how this tamoxifen works to fight cancer as my lump is removed and is there any side effects?

Hi… I am 26 years lady, my breast cancer lump is removed and after my chemo I am on tamoxifen now……wanted to know how this tamoxifen works to fight cancer as my lump is removed now and is there any side effects associated with it?
AWith, Tamoxifen uterine cancer risk is there to some. As Breast cancers have estrogen receptors which stimulate the cancer cell to grow and tamoxifen inhibits. If post surgery you have any incidence of cancer reversal due to estrogen then tamoxifen will inhibit and will complete your treatment.
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