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Q. Do people substitute one addiction with another?

If someone used to be addicted to alcohol and drugs, but is now clean for several months, is it likely that he will develop an addiction to something else (for example cigarettes or gambling)?
A1I'd just like to add my 2 cents worth: Addictive behavior transfers to just about anything; addiction is the problem. Just as addicts have to learn that alcohol is also a drug, we must recognize that addiction is the problem; it is the behavior that is the problem. A common thing for addicts to do is to stop using drugs (including alcohol) and to substitute with people instead, for example, to become involved in codependent relationships with others, or to recognize that their ongoing relationships may also be codependent. It's not uncommon for individuals to go to CoDA (Codependents Anonymous) in addition to AA/NA or GA(Gambler's Anonymous), MA (Marijuana Anonymous)...Others find it more beneficial to use one program (like NA, e.g.), while realizing that addiction refers to more than just a drug or substance.
A2aitino--i have friends that go to NA and what you are talking about is substitution,some people that stop using one drug(cocaine or alcohol or cigerettes will start using or doing something else.addiction can only be controlled or it will put you in jail/death.
A3Most of the drug abusers are smokers, so it's usually not a new addiction but rather continuation of a previous habit. Didn't find any reference for your question, but considering the fact the one who developed addiction probably has risk factors to develop addiction, it sounds reasonable that he or she may have increased risk to develop another addiction.

Q. Any suggestions for coping with asthma in 5 year old?

My daughter has asthma. It comes on when she has a cold or an ear or throat infection. I had to give her a liquid steroid last night as she had asthma really badly, the trouble is the steroid makes her so hyper-active, jumping off lounges and running around etc. It drives me crazy because she really needs to rest. I have seen specialists and this is what they all prescribe. What sort of medications do you give your asthmatic child? Are there any new developments I'm not aware of? I would really like some natural remedies if there is any, or diet tips.
A1hi whiteh,i am a retired respiratory therapist,depending on how bad your child is with her attacks will determine what types of meds work for her steroids are given for bad asthma an it might be the only thing that works good for her,her dr knows best.if your child has a regular dr. get a pulmonary specialist for her.----also steroids should NOT BE STOPPED right AWAY if your child has been on high doses this can cause her to have a bad attack.---mrfoot56
A2There are all kinds of medication against asthma that are not steroids: anti cholinergic like- Iprotropium. There are beta 2 selective adrenergic agonists like Salbutamol which is often used in a nebulizer machine. And there are also loicotrienes antagonists. But I recommend asking about de-sensitization treatment. She is young and it can work on her (no guarantees…) and may reduce allergic reaction for life. That is if you know the specific allergen.
A3well I'm glad to hear you're interested in natural remedies cause I'm a big believer... I guess asthma comes for a reason and alternative medicine searches that root. I'd say acupuncture is too much for a 5 year old so maybe you can try reflexology. As an addition at first- and with the doctor's approval-maybe as a supplement later on...hopefully...
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