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Q. How can one with fibromyalgia build muscle strength?

What is the best way to build muscle (core and upper body, especially) when one has fibromyalgia and suffers from 24 to 48 hours of severe spasm and pain in the shoulders and neck whenever any lifting (with arms or of the upper torso against gravity) is done?
A1i found this site VERY useful:
good luck!
A2I would suggest a physical therapist. They know about muscle "triggers" and what works. Maybe they can give you the advice you are looking for. I applaud you on wanting to keep up the momentum. I understand that a person with your condition actually profits from staying active(painful as it may be at times)
A3The best thing you can do is start physiotherapy in combination with building muscles. You don't necessarily have to lift weights at a gym, simple exercises that can be done at home are also ok for start- for example simple "sit-ups". Physiotherapy classes may help with dealing with muscle spasm and pain.

Q. Is strength training safe for children?

Hi friends, this is my 4th question in this community. Here is my next one: I've always heard that resistance training will ''stunt a child's growth.'' Now, I hear it may be advisable for children to strength train. Is strength training safe for children?
A1well said above. i share the same sentiments.
A2Hello Tom Greg, Based on the available scientific information, strength training won't inhibit a child's growth under normal circumstances. Strength training can, however, cause injury when heavy weights are used or improper exercise technique is employed. When carefully supervised and correctly performed, strength can actually lower a child's risk of sustaining a sports-related injury, since higher levels of muscular fitness serve to protect the musculoskeletal system. Strength training can, and should, provide a safe and productive exercise for children who show an interest in the activity. Perhaps the two most critical factors that make strength training a safe, effective, and enjoyable activity for children are quality supervision and adherence to the concept of minimum effective dosage (i.e., the training program should be designed using only the minimum level of resistance needed to produce a training effect).

Q. hey there ... what vitamins should i take and are recommended for the winter time ... to strength my health

A1Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers some excellent methods to strengthen your immune system to ward off potential colds.

The most commonly used formula is call Yu Ping Feng Wan (Jade Screen Pill), and it available over-the-counter at most Chinese herb shops and through an Acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist.

You can read more about using traditional Chinese medicine for common colds in this article:
A2Vitamin C supplements (or via food, for example- oranges), is said to have a great benefit during winter time in assisting the body to fight viruses such as the flu virus. Other supplements that are usually also benefitial are the complex B vitamins, (B1, B6, B12)- however it is advised to get a blood test performed before starting, to see if the addition is even necessary.

Q. Where do i go if i feel strength and strong will to start with a rehab? how do i list in to such a program

/group ? do i have to use my real name in order to list in to one of those groups ? Hey .. i am asking all of those questions because i have just decided to stop drinking .. i am addicted to alcohol and i decided that's enough is enough and i need to bring my life back on the track and under my control .. alcohol took it from me and now i am taking the first step ! on a long and a difficult journey towards a reborn of my self .. pure me ... with no alcohol and shit inside me ... wish me luck !!! and you are welcome to talk with me if you are going through the same thing ...
A1DOMINICUS is right -time is most emportant here.I need to add this tho-If you are really going to stop,you should go to a REHAB first-but if you cant do that-you can find a ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS group where you live-here in the USA they have 800#-FIND THEM ONLINE-AT(in the by the way(THOSE GROUPS ARE THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE GOING TO STAY SOBER)-(also what gos on in AA stays in AA-NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT YOU TO ANY ONE OUT SIDE OF AA--YOU MAY BE ABLE TO FIND AN AA BOOK IN A BOOK STORE-GET ONE-LEARN ABOUT WHAT THE PROGRAM IS ABOUT--addiction is a disease that involves more than the use of drugs/alcohol.--IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO ME--YOU CAN FIND ME ON(in the}(mrfoot56 sent me a e-mail--I WILL TELL YOU WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO NO,I HAVE BEEN THERE.------mrfoot56
A2crystalskys, first of all. this is a very brave decision. it's not taken for granted that deciding to stop a destructing force in your life like alcoholism is one of the hardest in life.
now, what you should do with that decision is act as fast as you can (before the beast will have you again) and get to the nearest clinic and find out of rehab centers nearby.

i'll cross my fingers for you!
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