Patient discussion about spontaneous abortion

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Q. I had a miscarriage 2 years back when I was obese.Can anyone guide?

I had a miscarriage 2 years back when I was obese. But I am trying again after getting in to good shape and I am eating cautiously to ensure balanced diet. Will there by any problem in my delivery because of miscarriage? Can anyone guide?
AIt is quite a normal doubt because you already had miscarriage. The most important thing that you may have to do is to reveal your past history to your Gynecologist and seek their suggestion and assistance. I heard cases where people consume baby aspirin to prevent miscarriages. But I am not sure of how that medicine works with miscarriages. Be confident and follow good diet as you have been doing now and go for regular check-ups and try to know more information to better take care of you. I am strongly against self-medication and I shall suggest you to take meds with doctors advice.
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