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Q. Can depression cause your sight to narrow and your vision to be very spacey?

Can depression cause your sight to narrow and your vision to be very spacey? If not what else may be the factor? If it did not seem to be that you were actually losing your vision and that you needed glasses.
A1Depression may be part of a wider problem. Perhps stress headaches or migraine headaches or something like that is causing the vision problem. Tension will cause your muscles to lock up. Some of the tension headaches I have had made me think I was not seeing so good. It was like a pain all the way around and across the top of my nead. My doctor readily recognized that symptom and gave me a presscription for them, and it has worked well on them, something called Dolgic.
A2I’m not sure…but I think of at least dozen of conditions that can cause this that are not depression. Depression is a bit far fetched if you ask me…
Here is a symptom checker that might help you find something. I already entered partial eyesight. Just enter any other symptom you are having:
good luck!
A3Emotional depression originating from a person's response to life circumstances can squelch lymph circulation. Good lymph circulation is vital for good vision.

Also disease can affect lymph circulation and can cause physical depression and reduce vision.
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