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Q. I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses?

what are the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia and can they be aggravated? I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses?
A1Great answeer...couldn't agree more!
A2Yes they are sensitive to their senses but not all, but to odors, loud noises, bright focusing lights and they are sometimes sensitive to the medications they receive. The very common symptoms are pain-- a very high muscular pain, basically in morning time. They have impaired memory, numbness, constipation, skin sensitivities, dry mouth & eye and fatigue. Things which can aggravate these common symptoms are weather changes, infections, allergies, hormonal fluctuations, depression.

Q. I am getting a sense of fear that I am getting addicted to alcohol.

hi my friends……I am getting a sense of fear that I am getting addicted to alcohol; I am not sure of it as I drink casually in parties and I feel like having it again alone….I don’t always get the feel of satisfaction. Moreover if there is no party I keep a party and once with the party I drink again alone…it’s just making my head turn to alcohol after party. has negative results in me as I have problem in getting my job done and I have lost huge money….please guide me…..I don’t want to go to doctor as I may lose my job if my office knows about it…
AThough alcohol can be consumed in a social life, as the proverb says ‘too much of anything is good for nothing’ more than adequate consumption of alcohol will amount to health issue which is a concern for anyone. A will is an instrument to change the direction of the flow you desire. I guess these are thoughts you require now. May be you are towards alcoholism, but a diagnosis test in the form of questionnaire hints on the persons will to accept and leave the alcohol. You have shown will to accept that you may be an alcoholic but leaving is the part of treatment and must be guided. For that please make your will strong to leave or reduce the consumption of alcohol to have a happy life ?

Q. I have a very acute sense of smell. Most things that have a smell cause me to have Migraines every day.

I have heard that a chiropractor is who I need to treat me for this problem. Anyone else here have this problem? What have you done and were you able to treat it?
A1I can't remember where I heard about the chiropractor's involvement but it is really unpleasant. I tend to make life unpleasant for others to, just not to have a migraine. Things like cooking popcorn, perfumes, trash and many other things will give me a migraine (not a headache) right away. It may be called Hyperosmia (abnormal sense of smell).
A2Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. so i'm not sure what a chiropractor can do for you...but your condition sounds unpleasant. it might worth a shot.

Q. how do you produce alcohol drinks? why does it has such an effect on the senses? is it like drugs?

AEthanol (the scientific name for alcohol) is a sort of sugar that in a digestive process of some fungus or bacteria of glucose is made as Ethanol. This is why if you put fruits in certain condition they'll create alcohol after a while. It is considered a drug and the body see it as poison (from a good reason..) and try to get rid of it. But as long as you don't over do it and just drink a couple of beers occasionally – it shouldn't be a problem.

Q. What is the medical sense behind Chinese Medicine? and traditional treatments?

A1it's trial and error of thousands of years. not always true but some times even more effective then western medicine. the best idea is to combine them both. at least that's my opinion.
A2hi, this has nothing to do with sense but with consciousness. chinese medicine is very old - 3000 years and more and is based on natural treatments. the chinese medicine detects the causes and cures them. traditional medicine is the actual allopathic medicine teached in most universities world-wide and treats symptoms. a cure is mostly impossible, because the cause will still remain unknown even after a "successful" treatment. also Japan has a very old tradition in medicine.

Q. Does nutrition diet make sense to teach in schools since children have to eat the food their parents by them?

I am a nutrition dietician. My ambition is to educate people about nutrition. I have planned to teach this to children who are going to be pillars of tomorrow so that they can share this information to their parents, neighbors and friends. Is this a good idea? But my doubt here are, does it make sense to teach nutrition in schools since children have to eat the food their parents buy them?
A1YES..YOU CANT SAVE EVERYONEBUT YOU CAN SAVE SOME OF teaching this new generation how to eat the long will be saving lives...some of these children go home and teach there parents about eating right....I didnt know how to use a computor,until my children showed me,I got i can do just about anything on it...I felt the same way at one time in my life..when i was working..I have had patients with COPD..that wouldnt stop smoking-even tho they knew they were going to die from it...but because i was a respiratory therapist/paramedic i helped save alot of peoples lives..and that makes you continues to help those who want help...and the same goes for you,obesitie is the #1 problem in the united states,so you will have a lot of work...peace...mrfoot56
A2Yes, because when they eat the food that is served to them, they will be more willing to eat the fruits and vegetables if they know that it's good for them. They will also use this information later in life. Some kids buy school lunches, so instead of picking out the greasy hamburger they might reach for the sandwich or chicken burger instead. I think children can be affected by what their parents make them eat. Also, children grow up - they become the adults and cook for their children...
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