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Q. What are the screening methods for autism?

I have a friend who has an autistic child. My daughter is 5 months old and I was wondering if there are any screening methods that help determine autism.
A1The general screening methods for autism are used by parents and pediatricians to evaluate a child’s irregular behavior for his/her age. As a parent, if you see any regression of the child- for instance, he was able to say mom and now he doesn’t say it anymore, or if a child hasn’t started speaking when they should. Those are reasons to go see someone about the possibility of autistic disorder.
A2Actually, about half of parents of children with ASD (autistic spectrum disorders) notice their child’s unusual behaviors by age of 18 months, and about 80% notice by age of 24 months. The following signs is reason to have a child evaluated by a specialist: no babbling by 12 months, no gesturing (pointing, waving goodbye, etc.) by 12 months, no single words by 16 months, no two-word spontaneous phrases by 24 months and any loss of any language or social skills, at any age.
A3Autism may not be easy to be diagnosed or even suspected by the untrained people. Among the signs to developmental disorders are problems with social skills expected at his age: lack of a social smile and anticipatory posture for being picked up as an adult approaches and in some cases poor eye contact.

Autistic children often do not acknowledge or differentiate the most important persons in their lives? ”parents, siblings, and teachers, and may show extreme anxiety when their usual routine is disrupted, but they may not react overtly to being left with a stranger.

If a suspicion arise regarding the possibility of autism, then a consulting a professional (e.g. pediatric psychiatrist) may be needed.

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Q. How can I lower the damage the cumputer screen is causing my eyes?

I work with a computer for long hours every day and so far my sight is still good. Usually after many hours my eyes itch though. All my friends have already ruined their eyes this way and would really like to prevent that... Do you know how?
A1When people hardly concentrate on monitors, used to blink a little. Try to use neutral eyedops. Use only TFT monitors. Another good ways has written above :)
A2There is not really a very good way to prevent eye damage caused by long hours of using the computer, especially if it is your job. However, it is known that taking small breaks every hour helps (5 minute breaks), it eases the strain on the eyes. Also if you need glasses you should use them while using the computer, and sit at a level where you are facing directly the screen, not needing to look up.

Q. What is cage questionnaire in screening of alcoholism and how effective is it?

ACAGE questionnaire is a set of 4 questions to screen alcohol dependent person. A set of 4 question where if 2 are answered the alcoholism is diagnosed with various other tests. There are other type questionnaires like S-MAST, AUDIT, HSS, TWEAK, T-ACE, and CHARM. Questions asked are: (1) Have you ever felt you needed to Cut down on your drinking (2) Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your drinking? (3)Have you ever felt Guilty about drinking (4) have you Ever felt you needed a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover.

Q. Is there a good screening test for aortic abdominal aneurysm?

A friend of mine was diagnosed with an aortic abdominal aneurysm. I am afraid i might have this condition too. is there any screening test that is good for me?
A1Today there are "mobile" testing centers that charge to use ultrasound technology to detect such things as AAA. I would highly recommend it only because it can act as a preventative measure. I am 50 years old and just suffered a ruptured AAA that very nearly killed me. I was the fortunate one. This very possibly could have detected it before it actually ruptured. You may want to check in your local areas for these mobile testing centers.
A2There is no "good" screening.
The idea of screening is a test that will be good for everyone and will identify the disease.
When I asked my GP about aortic abdominal aneurysm few years ago he said that there is no good screening for the general population. But it was 4 or 5 years ago maybe some things changed.
A3The answer to your question depends on your age your sex and your history of smoking. 3 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with an aortic abdominal aneurysm our GP said that the screening is good only for males age 65-75 that smoke.
Go to your GP and ask him even if you are not in those criteria, maybe the rules have changed.

Q. My son was diagnosed with baker's cyst. Is he in a risk group for other articular diseases?

As far as I understand baker's cyst is a risk factor for other diseases. Is it true? Do we need to send him to some special screening tests?
ABaker's cyst is not a risk factor for articular diseases in children. You don't need any special screening test. Statistically the cyst will disappear after a while.

Q. How expensive is a rubella test?

I was told that in order to get a marriage license in Indiana, that my fiancee has to get tested for rubella. I was wondering how to go about doing that and how much a typical test costs. Thank you.
A1the average cost is 21$, and i'm not so sure it's in the way Terrany suggested...if i'm not mistaken, it's an antibody test to see if she is vaccinated or not. and that is a simple blood test:
A2The test involves collecting a swab or swabs from the lower vagina and rectum and culturing the sample on a special medium (LIM or selective broth medium). The test result is usually ready in 2 or 3 days; it usually costs between $15 and $35. Hope this helps.
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