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Q. Anyone have/hear of RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) CRPS etc ,I have Fibro too

Reflex Synmpathetic Dystrophy or CRPS and I have Fibromyalgia any others with CNS problems
A1Ok I would like to ask if any others with RSD would like to get to know each other it looks like they have groups ,no one without RSD can appreciate the pain and the way those who you love the most ,think you are a faker because some RSDers ,you can't see anything readily ,not being believed with Nerve pain thayt is worse than anything I have felt like being shot ,blown up ,Third Degree Burns well kinda like when the nerves stgart to grow back from Third degree burns but 24/7 and the same degree of p[ain since 1968 .IF RSD IS CAUGHT IN THE FIIRST YEAR IT CAN BE Reversed so yes I want knowledge (oops didnt mean caps(to yell)Thank You rsdno
A2Personally I don't have it, but I've met several people who do. What is exactly you'd like to ask?

RSD (or its new name, complex regional pain syndrome) it's a syndrome in which the nervous system reacts in a wrong way to some kind of event, either obvious (such as injury to a limb) or obscure (like a general disease not specific to the painful are). This wrong reaction leads to chronic pain sensation along with apparent changes in the skin (such as changes in it's color, sweating, temperature etc.)

It may be treated with supporting measures and drugs when necessary.

You may read more about it here:
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