Patient discussion about rape

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Q. My friend Lidia was almost raped what can she do?

A1Mimi, I agree with both two answers above, and it's great if you can accompany her for a while, show her your full support, so that she can pass through her difficult situation.

Reporting it will be a positive action, but in medical point of view, I will suggest to take her to see a doctor just to check her physical condition, and maybe also some psychiatrist to help her cope that stressful condition. your being a close friend will surely give her a comforting protection.

Good luck!
A2I agree with Brandon. Not only will repoting it keep it from happening to someone it gives her power over the situation so she no longer feels helpless. She is "doing" something about it. I don't know age or situation so I suggest once she does report it , the police can give her numbers for support, most phonebooks have a rape crisis hotline so she can talk to someone and as her friend encourage her to do that and let her know IT IS NOT her fault! Thank you for caring enough about her to ask!
A3Mimi- this is a serious matter.not to be taken easily. many girls believe that it's their fault or they are ashamed to be a victim of rape- but it's not something to be ashamed or be blamed. she needs to report it. no matter what- a report can prevent a rape of someone else.
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