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Q. It is very amazing to me. How did he diagnose the illness by just listening to ones’ pulse?

I’m Zakary, 36 years old. Last week I had the symptoms of fever, vomiting and head ache. I get infection most of the time may be due to poor immunity. This time I went to a Chinese doctor who is near to my place. He just touches my pulse and for a minute he starts to listening it, after that he diagnoses my sickness and prescribe Chinese herbal. I took the meds properly and I was completely cured. Before that I don’t have any experience with Chinese herb. It is very amazing to me. How did he diagnose the illness by just listening to ones’ pulse?
AHello Zakary,
In traditional Chinese medicine, reading the pulse is a common diagnostic system. I know that a good Chinese doctor can diagnose by feeling the patient pulse and looking at their tongue. I am treating my entire problem only with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I no longer had allergies. I am satisfied user of Chinese meds.

Q. my wife feels weak. her pulse is only 45. What should we do

AIs her pulse always that low? Is it regular? Does she have periods of rapid pulse?
Is she sensitive to cold weather (e.g. wearing warm clothes when others don't)? Has she gained weight recently?
Has her hair changed? Does she have any heart diseases? Diabetes?

The combination of slow pulse and weakness in a woman (what's her age?) may suggests hypothyroidism. In this case, than she needs to see a doctor in order to diagnose and treat this condition.
You ma read more about it here:

Q. Would anybody be interested in a workshop in holistic pulsing. Benefits are wide spread for many conditions

Holistic pulsing is a simple technique that has many benefits for a wide variety of problems. What is nice about the technique is that it is easy and fast to learn. I have helped people with headaches, back problems, breathing problems, assisted in relieving pain for people with severe cancer etc. Would like to put together some workshops for anybody interested in learning. Good for nurses, bodywork people and any lay person that wants to benefit family and friends. You can look it up on the internet or contact me with any questions. Etan
AWill these workshops be held someplace or on-line?

Where do you practice your technique?

Q. What is considered a slow heartbeat?

I am a 30 year old woman and I went for a routine checkup at my Doctor's. He checked my pulse and it was 52 beats per minute. Is this considered slow? All my family members have a faster beat of 65- 90 beats per minute. If it is slow, is it bad?
A1If the heartbeat is too slow, usually considered a rate below 60 beats a minute, not enough oxygen-rich blood flows through the body. The symptoms of a slow heartbeat are:

Fainting or near fainting

However, some people with slow heartbeat don't have any symptoms at all. Regular exercise can also result in a slow heartbeat. This happens because the exercise has actually strengthened the heart to the point where it can beat less often and still perform its job effectively. I am not a doctor, but it seems to me that in this case the slow heartbeat is not a cause for concern. If it troubles you, consult your doctor and see what he/she thinks about it.
A2A slow heartbeat is called bradycardia and is defined as a heart rate that is slower than healthy levels. In most adults, the heart beats at least 60 times per minute. This normal heartbeat range is usually 60 to 100 beats per minute in adults, slightly faster in children, and somewhat slower in trained athletes. If you tend to workout a lot and are physically fit then this is probably a healthy pulse. When the heart beats lower than the healthy range, the body may not get all the blood it needs to work correctly but only a profesional can determine if this is the case.
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