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Q. I get about 190 grams of protein a day. Is that too much protein?

Have you ever seen a guy living only for food? No? Here I am. I get about 190 grams of protein a day. Is that too much protein? My weight is 183 pounds.
A1this is a good amount, just make sure that you get the majority of it from real foods and not from powders and bars.
A2We all living for food. For optimal muscle growth, I recommend eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This amount of protein will keep your nitrogen levels high and prime your body to fully recover from workouts and assist in muscle growth. So, your current protein intake of 190 grams per day at 183 lbs of body weight is completely fine and should assist you well in your fitness plan.

Q. Does the cooking have a negative effect on the protein content of the food?

I have heard that high temperatures cooking breaks the protein, so does the cooking have a negative effect on the protein content of the food?
AYes. Proteins can be denatured by heat, but only when the protein structure is delicate or is exposed to extremely high temperatures for long time. You must remember that breaking of protein is the physical-chemical process where the physical or chemical structure of a protein is rearranged. So cooking will not reduce on the nutritive value of the food until it’s cooked at cooking temperatures.

Q. Is it true that Casein protein can cause Cancer, or is harmful to the human body?

Someone left a comment on my blog about Casein protein being bad for the body and that it could lead to Cancer. Is this true?
AI am not familiar with such information, Casein is a protein that is found in large amounts in breastmilk and milk products replacements for babies and as far as I know it has no such affect.

Q. Is it ok for me to start taking whey protein supplements? I want to increase my muscle mass!

I read above somewhere that Mr.Rohan asked “Is that too much protein?” I understood the answer. But now what my question is: Is it ok for me to start taking whey protein supplements? I want to increase my muscle mass!
A1yes, protein consumption is generally safe. make sure to have protein in each meal you take. chicken, beans, tuna, etc have protein. make your meals consist of that. to supplement that take whey protein shakes and bars as williamjoshua stated above.
A2Yes I also came across that question which you have mentioned; Hope some of the points from that answer could have been useful to you. Whey protein supplementation should be very beneficial for you. I recommend Optimum Nutrition whey protein, since its very high quality and rather inexpensive. Shoot for 2 scoops of protein which will consist of about 40-45 grams of protein. If you want to gain quality lean muscle, focus on eating at least five meals a day and make sure to include a quality protein source with each meal, such as a chicken breast or high quality whey protein powder. Between meals, you can also snack on protein bars which are a great way to make sure you're consuming enough protein every day.

Q. What foods or liquids, juices, proteins, fruits, are good for Male Prostate or Urinary Frequency?

I am 53 YO Male with exessive urinary frequency. Is there a fruit, food, drink, pill, mojo, that would help me with this problem? I am talking about urinating 3 to 4 times every night, and or while watching TV, every hour or so. No pain, yet, an occacional after drip that is very anoying. Perhaps I have a prostate problem and should consuld with my Urologist. Yet, before I go there, does anyone know of something I can eat or drink to fix or aleviate this problem?
A1Thanks for the heads-up. One of my issues is that I LOVE coffee, thus, reducing my daily consumption of 2-3 cups could be a problem.
A2I don't know about any food that specifically targets this problem, although some steps you may take include avoiding fluids prior to bedtime or before going out, reducing consumption of mild diuretics (substances that make you produce urine) such as caffeine and alcohol, and double voiding to empty the bladder more completely.

You may read more here ( ), and as you wrote, consulting a doctor may be wise.

Q. how much protein should the average male eat per day?

Does it matter if the protein comes from vegetables, nuts, animals?
AYour daily protein intake should be between 10% to 15% of your daily caloric intake. Here is a website that helps you calculate exactly how much protein you should consume according to your weight:

Q. Q. I want to know about urine protein creatine ratio in diagnosing nephrotic syndrome.

Please explain interms of unit such as mg/mg or mmol/mg. Normal range, nephrotic range with good referrence.
ANephrotic syndrome is defines as a damage to the kidneys, in which there is a leak of large amounts of protein (over 3.5 grams of protein / 24 hours urine output) from the blood to the urine. Protein loss causes low protein count in the blood (hypoalbuminemia) and edemas (excess fluid in the interstitial cavity which is between the cells, causes leg swelling most often, and also in the adbomen and around the eyes).
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