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Q. how can i reduce my blood pressure?

AThe main steps in lowering high blood pressure is to take some very important changes in lifestyle- consuming much less salt in food, losing weight and exercising regulary. If this doesn't help (and usually it doesn't help mainly when people don't try hard enought and make an effort), medications can be added to control the blood pressure.

Q. what do i need to do to bring down my blood pressure? what cause a high blood pressure? what are the risks?

of high blood pressure ? how can i deal with it effectively ?
A1here are two really good sites that show you specifics: Hope this helps.
A2blood hypertension have multiple causes. some of then you can control (smoking, diet, body weight), some times another disease can cause it (like a tumor on the adrenal gland) and some you can't control (old age...). how to treat? 2 steps...but i'll let you read about it from a very reliable medical site:
good luck!

Q. What Are the Complications of High Blood Pressure?

My wife suffers from high blood pressure. What are the possible complications that are so dangerous? Why is it important to keep high blood pressure under balance?
A1While elevated blood pressure alone is not an illness, it often requires treatment due to its short and long-term effects on many organs. The risk is increased for: Cerebrovascular accident (CVAs or strokes), myocardial infarction (heart attack), hypertensive cardiomyopathy (heart failure due to chronically high blood pressure),hypertensive retinopathy - damage to the retina, hypertensive nephropathy- chronic renal failure due to chronically high blood pressure and hypertensive encephalopathy- confusion, headache and convulsions due to edema in brain that can lead to death. Therefore, it is considered very important to reduce blood pressure to normal levels with strict medical supervision.
A2Persistent high blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the risk factors for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and arterial aneurysm, and is a leading cause of chronic kidney failure. Even moderate elevation of arterial blood pressure leads to shortened life expectancy. Hypertension along with diabetes for instance, causes a very increased risk to develop nephropathies (kidney disease) and retinopathies (severe eye damage that can lead to blindness). It is highly recommended to keep blood pressure balanced under proper medical treatment, in order to avoid these severe complications.

Q. what is good for high cholesteral and blood pressure?

my friend just had a stroke and what because of that what can we give him to help him out?
Ai'm pretty sure that if he had a stroke- he went tho the hospital and saw a Dr. and if that's true, he probably advised your friends about medical care for cholesterol and blood pressure. so what you can do is help from the friend position- start going with him to the gym, the best help for those conditions are loosing weight and sport. and to do that you have to be persistent in your sport activity. this is much much easier to do with a friend!
are you apt to it?

Q. I would like some information on high blood pressure, Paul

AIt's diagnosed by measuring the blood pressure several times, it doesn't cause any symptoms but in the long run it's very dangerous. It can be treated quite successfully with medications, although they have to be taken indefinitely.

You may read more here:

Q. My child, who has dypraxia, passed both TOVA & BRC. Help, I don't want to put him on ritalin but feel pres

Since age 4 my child has received OT, ST and Physiotherpy. He is now 81/2 and has difficulties at school. Last year, after years of therapy, we went to a private Neuro Developmental Physiotherapist and she diagnosed him with Dyspraxia. I thought that my son was good at sport, but when she asked him to do the simplest of task like stand on one leg, or walk one foot infront of the other, he had great difficulty. He has diffculty processing information or thoughts and turning them into actions. This is especially evident in copying from the blackboard. His handwriting is extremely poor, even after many years, at much expence, of intense OT. His attention span is very poor, he daydreams and shuts down in class. The slightest noise, knock on the door, ticking clock etc wil break his concentration. He has passed both TOVA and BRC test, yet I am still under pressure from the school to put him on ritalin. I feel his concentration & attention problems are due to his Dyspraxia. Help
A1ritalin is not a sedative,it acts as a sedative in hyperative people.--methylphenidate is the same as ritalin but is cheeper. i know you are a good parent but sometimes you have to listen to the dr an therapist that work with these kinds of disorders.think about how this effects your child now--later on in life it might cause him to not go to college or get a job,not to say anything about his pears at school. there are a lot of other proplems with this disorder.
A2ritalin is not a sedative. it affects people who has an imbalance in Dopamine in the brain. it hardly do something to people who don't. people try avoiding it (and from a good reason- no need to give it if it won't help) but some of the cases it's the best thing that happens to the boy (i've seen it in many cases). he can focus at class and out of it. if 2 professionals told you it might help- i see no reason why you can't even try. try retalin and continue with speech and physio-therapy. if you won't see any change- consult with the Dr. and stop it.
A3Believe me I have asked a professional. I have been to two neuro specialists. Unfortunately, although they think my son's case is "interesting", their only suggestion is to treat the innatentive part of his disorder with ritalin. My son is very bright and does well in exams, he is not hyperactive or impulsive and behaves impecably so I do not see any reason to put him on a sedative. Putting him on ritalin will not help him write any faster, help his recall ability, structural or organizational abilities - that is dyspraxia!

Q. My father is suffering from high blood pressure and liver problem.

I’m looking for help. My father is suffering from high blood pressure and liver problem. While searching the web I came to know of Chinese medicine. I like to try Chinese herbs to get rid of his entire problem. But I have a great confusion and no clear idea of Chinese medicine? Do you have any suggestions? I would really appreciate any help.
A1I prefer Justin's answer, you SHOULD always consult anything with your medical doctor. I never say that Chinese Medicine is bad, but the only lack is a lot of western-knowledge-based medical doctors are :
1. don't understand how chinese medicine works (because they cannot understand the language)
2. don't believe it because there are only few (or even none) published studies like clinical trial to have a evidence-based-medication

So, often chinese medicine can be combined with western medication, but for this you SHOULD contact your doctor and discuss that with him/her.

I have an experience of a patient with cancer, that believed too much on chinese medicine, and she rejected being treated with hospital standard procedure, the next 2 months, she died of that cancer. (the explanation is either the chinese medicine was totally wrong for this patient, or chinese medicine is not enough to treat that cancer alone)
A2the problem with chinese medicine in that case is that it's consisted of herbal remedies that often contain variable amounts of medicinal substances that are naturally found in plants. the problem is that it can get an unwanted interaction between them. this is why i recommend going to a doctor that studied regular medicine and Chinese medicine (there are quite a few of those!) and he may help you best.

A3Hello Kennedy, I’m 65 and having the same problem. I have been taking a Chinese herbal medicine which my TCM doctor prescribed to treat my liver and pressure complaint. And I feel good now. Taking meds without consulting doctor is not good, am telling this from my experience. So consult your nearby TCM doctor without fail. Good Luck, I wish your dad a speedy recovery.
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