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Q. i am all confused !!! there are so many kinds of diets and guides for loosing pounds , what should i choose

Athe best but hard one- going to a nutritionist with another friend that want to loose weight, build up a program, start doing physical activity . it will be hard, long, but worth it.
don't forget the friend, it's an important part!

Q. i need an easy way to loss pounds ... any suggestions ?

A1there are fasting routines you can do, but they are not worth it especially since they force a lot of water loss and not fat loss.

I would suggest you change up your eating habits and start exercising frequently. Remember to include resistance training 3 times a week minimum. Even going for walks helps.
A2look out from easy ways... always tricky. you have to really want it. that's the most important thing, understand why it's important to you to loose weight and then put that as a motivator in front of you while working on it.
A3easy way = inefficient/risky. you can loose pounds very fast by starting a training program and a balanced diet.

Q. a good way or a method to shed off some pounds?

Hello all, im a college student struggling with 15 to 20 extra pounds, I'm trying to shade it off, any one may say, run exercise, since I'm a soccer player it would only be obvious that i would be fit. My problem is that I hav a fracture knee and a previous dislocated right knee. Due to this i cant really excersice, so im asking for anyone out there,
A1I liked Schkinny answer. I find that eating chicken is a filling and a healthy meal. I suggest fresh vegetables instead of frozen. It's more natural and has a much higher nutritious value.
A2There are some good foods out there too to make sure you are having low calorie, filling and sustainable meals. For a male, try having 200g of chicken breast (100g for girls), cook it with some spices (some cumin seed and tumeric) and chicken stock (this will keep the oil and fat from cooking), then steam about 200g of vegies (fresh of frozen is fine), use the microwave or steamer - both do the trick. Then get a tin brown lentils (only use about 150g for boys, 100g for girls), and throw them in with chicken, stock and spices. They will soak up some flavour and still have no added fat. Serve all together!! Awesome low calorie, and high protein and high fibre meal! See my site for other food combos that you could try, Good luck!
A3I think that the key to weight loss is not so much as dieting but taking control over what and how much you eat. I eat at least six times a day, thats four meals and two snacks. The protions that i eat however are not that big. I mostly just eat until I'm full or just satisfied. I really dont excercise either except for walking and I have lost 55 pounds over about a 3 or 4 month period. I LOVE food and the few diets that i did try didnt work, either because I was still hungry or I just didnt stick to them long enough to see results. I don't know if this works for everyone, but it worked for me. I think this worked because eating six meals a day kept my metabolism running almost constantly, so i ended up burning more calories than i took in. This may not take the weight off fast, but it can help you lose weight and keep it off. Hope this helps.

Q. I must lose at least 15 pounds in two weeks without diet pills.

I’m Tom 23/m. I must lose at least 15 pounds in two weeks without diet pills. How can I?
A1try hiit training, high intensity interval training. consume all natural foods.
A2I lost 15 pounds in one month with pure vegetarian diet and without exercise or diet pills. Vegetarian diet is the healthiest diet with the most results. You can cut on your intake of carbohydrates and concentrate more on protein instead. Eat plant- based foods because they have been found to burn the amount of fat in your body. Vegetarian meals are not fake and they are made out of soy products. Also, by switching to the vegetarian diet you will reduce calorie intake, but watch out on calories.

Q. Shall I allow her to continue as she feels good as she is trying to shed some pounds too?

My wife is pregnant and in second trimester. She is 26. Before the start of pregnancy she was weighing 132 pounds. Now she weighs 150 pounds. She feels her to be overweight and want to exercise. She feels good with her pounding weight when she does some long walking. This too makes her tired for the next day`s work. Though I have suggested to stop long walking she still continues with it. She says that her friends were also benefitted with walking and had healthy baby. Shall I allow her to continue as she feels good as she is trying to shed some pounds too?
AI am not sure how they trigger the manic episodes as I have not gone through any research indicating any clear reasons to me. But I am sure on the lines of personal experiences with my bipolar daughter that they do trigger her episodes. Especially when she is short of sleep her manic episodes starts. Medicines help her keep calm and to get good sleep. I feel that your son didn’t get the required amount of sleep due to his vacations or would have stressed himself on a high scale. His medicines were also not benefitting him…may be he could have missed on his medicines. Just take care of him and help him avoid all triggers.

Q. Where do i start???? i weight around 264 pounds ... and i tried many kinds of diets but none was helpful

i am 35 years old ... i am 6 foot tall .. i know it isn't healthy and my weight is a great deal to my health and i am under the risk of heart problems and other things that aren't that simple to hear and compete .. but i really do try and i really would like to drop my weight a much as i can to an healthy and more desirable numbers ... how do i start ? where do i start ? how do i choose the right diet for me ?
AYour wish to lose weight is already a good start. The first steps you can do on your own - try to take a look at your life style and recognize the things that lead you to eat more than necessary (e.g. having available snacks in the kitchen, serving high calorie-refreshments, no regular meal schedule etc.) and exercise less. Changing these things may remove some of the obstacles toward losing weight. Weight reduction is a subject too vast for this answer form, so you may want to read more (e.g. here:

In addition, consulting a professional (e.g. physician or a dietitian) may also be helpful.

Good luck!

Q. Does anyone know what could make you gasp for air after you have fallen to sleep? I also have a pounding heart

and I am panting and sweaty. I have a mitral valve prolapse and sinus tachycardia(which I was told was that meant )palpitations
A1if you have what i have ,that is palps i get shortness of breathe,fast heart beats, all i do is take a deep cough, and it goes away,try it if all eles fails,if this is what you have there is a surgery for it, but only in serious cases,my mother just had it done....
A2Sleep apnea, a disruption of breathing while asleep, is a particularly tricky sleep disorder - 90% of people who have sleep apnea don't know that they have it! Although episodes of choking or gasping for air might occur hundreds of times throughout the night, you may not have any recollection of struggling for breath. If left untreated, this common disorder can be life-threatening.

Frequent cessation of breathing (apnea) during sleep. Your sleep partner may notice repeated silences from your side of the bed.

Choking or gasping during sleep to get air into the lungs

Loud snoring

Sudden awakenings to restart breathing

Waking up in a sweat during the night

Feeling unrefreshed in the morning after a night’s sleep

Headaches, sore throat, or dry mouth in the mornings after waking up

For full article: Hope this helps.
A3It sounds like mitral valve prolapse syndrome (i.e. feelings of heartbeats, shortness of breath, heavy breathing, anxiety etc. that are not dangerous). You can read more about it here
Exercise may help it.

However, I can't make a diagnosis over the net, so before you decide to do something about it, you should consult your doctor, since there may be other causes in your situation to what you describe.
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