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Q. Can anyone suggest nutritive diets to improve physique?

My cousin who is very thin wanted to join police department. But due to his physical condition he could not achieve his dream. He became depressed and fell sick because of these failures. Some of his close friends suggested that he could go on some nutritional supplement, but this does not help him. He is not interested in joining in any other job. So I am worried about his future and want to help him to achieve his goal. So can anyone suggest nutritive diets to improve his physique?
AI agree that there are some criteria fixed to qualify as a police professional. From your question I assume that he is in the age below 25. You could have added about how long he was having that nutritional supplement. God has provided a vast variety of natural diets. Looking at primitive societies in hot countries, I feel that one can get slightly more than half of all calories from fruit and nuts and slightly less than half from meat. We are definitely omnivores by descent - either a totally vegetarian or a totally carnivorous diet would not be "natural". This is not unhealthy or in any way "wrong". I request you to encourage him to eat his favorite foods from this natural diet which would improve his physique soon so he can qualify as a police professional which has been his life-long goal. My best regards to him.
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