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Q. Do you personally know anyone that's autistic?

Right, I agree 1 in 150 is diagnosed with autism. Do you personally know anyone that's autistic?
A1Yes as per the latest statistics in U.S it is 1 out of 150 of kids born has autism. I know 5 kids, all friends of family; all moms were on fertility drugs to get pg. Very sad. Two of the kids are twins and besides being autistic they have cerebral palsy.
A2i know 2 (not related). both are mild autistic. one is 15 and the other 21. the later has Asperger syndrome - so it's a bit different but still considered in the Autism spectrum.

Q. Alcoholism becomes a habit in person?

How does alcoholism becomes a habit in person?
A1If you think about alcohol all the time and you need it to feel good then it's a problem. If it's just a rare but pleasant action then there is no big disaster.
It may be a problem if the alcohol being the cause of depending (physical or corporial it is not just the same!)
A2Doctors do not know the reasons why people become alcoholics. Some start out drinking a little bit and end up hooked on alcohol. A person might drink to forget problems or to calm nerves, but then they end up needing alcohol to feel normal. Once a person loses control over drinking, he or she needs help to stop drinking.

Q. How can persons with autism learn best?

The person with autism can’t concentrate on studies? How can persons with autism learn best?
AWhere have you read such a misguiding message? No one can say that the person with autism can’t concentrate on studies. They can be trained through specially-trained teachers, using specially structured programs that emphasize individual instruction; persons with autism can learn to function at home and in the community. Some can lead nearly normal lives.

Q. How can I benefit from hiring a personal trainer so that I can’t escape the schedule?

I am interested in improving my health for which I am trying for the past few years but now I took steps to fulfill that. How can I benefit from hiring a personal trainer so that I can’t escape the schedule?
AYou didn’t mention your age. Whatever your age might be there are numerous ways you can benefit from utilizing a trainer. A personal trainer can help pinpoint the specific goals that are important to you. CFR trainers can make sure you reach these goals through a personalized fitness program. Therefore, you know what direction you are taking, instead of being uncertain and taking a risk with your results.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when working with a fitness coach:

• Weight Loss
• Increased Endurance
• Increased Definition (Toning)
• Improve Muscle Imbalances
• Increased Flexibility
• Decreased Risk of Injury
• Improved Coordination & Balance
• Increased Metabolism
• Increased Knowledge
• Build Larger muscles (Bodybuilding)
• Improved Overall Health
• Guaranteed Fitness and Results!
• Increased Strength
• Decreased Body Fat
• Improved Posture
• Strengthen Lower Back
• Increased Bone Density
• Decreased Risk Of Diseases

Q. What are the factors which may lead to depression in a person?

A1How an individual handles stress on the job and at home.
How an individual handles family and health issues.
How one deals with grief.
How one deals with their anger.
How one deals with guilt.
Hom much you exercise or do physical activities.
How well you sleep or get rest.
How one deals with tragedies, accidents, or misfortunes.
Basically in a nutshell, how one copes with whatever situations occur.

A2there are no concrete causes to depression. but generally you can devide them to 3:
Biochemical - people with depression have physical changes in their brains. The significance of these changes is still uncertain but may eventually help pinpoint causes.

Genetic - depression is more common in people whose biological family members also have the condition.

Environmental - environmental causes are situations in your life that are difficult to cope with, such as the loss of a loved one, financial problems and high stress.

A3A depression may enter a person due to many reasons like (1) Due to intake of some medications like beta blockers which are used to treat high BP. (2) Due to any dispute with any person, basically friends or family. (3) Due to any physical or emotional abuse (4) due to death of any loved one. (5) Due to event like losing a job or income. (6) Aloofness from the society (7) any serious and major illness. These are the possible well known reason for the occurrence of depression in any.

Q. Who was the first person to be diagnosed with ADHD?

Here is a question which I find very difficult to get an answer. Who was the first person to be diagnosed with ADHD? Take it easy to answer me my new friend. Thanks in advance.

Q. Now I like to add that what ‘leisure’ activities do persons with autism enjoy?

I read somewhere above that what jobs can individuals with autism do? Thanks. But now I like to add that what ‘leisure’ activities do persons with autism enjoy?
AI too have read it somewhere in this community. In general, individuals with autism perform best at leisure activities too which are structured and involve a degree of repetition. The individuals who have autism enjoy the same recreational activities as like their non-handicapped friends. They like swimming, hiking, music, camping, working puzzles, playing table games, etc.
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