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Q. how many calories should i eat per day

i weigh 220 and am 5 feet 1 inch how many calories should i eat per day
Aif your aim is to loose weight, here is a site with a calorie calculator-

and here some advises on what to eat as a diabetic-

Q. how much protein should the average male eat per day?

Does it matter if the protein comes from vegetables, nuts, animals?
AYour daily protein intake should be between 10% to 15% of your daily caloric intake. Here is a website that helps you calculate exactly how much protein you should consume according to your weight:

Q. how can i giveup METADON? i am using 40mg per a day.

I have following problem: 1-I can not sleep well 2-I become tire very soon 3-I have a deep depression 4-I feel very lonely 5-I am not positive 6-I am not active 7-I do not have good appetite 8-I have difficulty in my sex 9-I am not good to comunicate
A1hi, as long as you have no will to stop with drugs, your life will continue to remain a vicious circle. Metadon is no solution at all, because you are then depending on it too and it is stronger than heroin or LSD. Marichuana is a very strong and very subtle drug. take your fingers away of it too. Marihuana could be the cause, why you have trouble or no lust in sexuality. if you could start to have a little job and a regular structure in your life, perhaps with the help of your family/friends/therapist, you could get slowly rid off with your depression. or just start to play with kids. suicide is the worst solution, because you will still live but not anymore in a physical body. when you will return again in a new physical life in the future you would have to restart all over again and you would encounter more trouble than you already have. the more you can fulfill now, the better will be your next life. we determine now, by what we do or not in this actual life our next embodiment!
A2methadone is a problem. even though it is used to help recovering from a drug addiction- it is an addictive drug. it's hard to get rid of it too, especially if you think you are so depended on it. from what you describe you are might be suffering from a depression, that can cause a higher chance of drug use and dependency. i suggest treating the depression in a help of a professional and he'll be able to help you get rid of both your condition.
crossing fingers for you!!

Q. As per my understanding bipolar disorder cannot be treated completely by medicines;

As per my understanding bipolar disorder cannot be treated completely by medicines; then what does these medicines is all about……
A1Medications are very helpful in maintaining control over bipolar disorder. I have seen that it is benificial to also seek theropy, theropy helps the person suffering learn to identify their emotional triggers and gives them an opportunity to work through problems, it also teaches them how to effectivly deal with issues that will arise in the future. Group theropy helps the person by teaching them that they are not alone. All of the other treatments, ie. excercise meditation etc... are ways to manage daily stress, it helps to calm racing thoughts and bring the patient back to a calm balance. Medications are a vital part of the treatment.
A2right now the etiology of the disease is not well known. there are theories and many facts that we know- but not nearly enough. so we know how to try and control the outbursts of depression and mania. and as far as i know- it works most of the time, saves many people's lives and improves their life quality.
A3Hi, treatment for bipolar by medicine is just to control the symptom because controlling symptoms is the primary goal, for the treatment of bipolar and you need to understand that it is a lifelong medical condition. The more these medicines control the mood swing, the more it is beneficial for person affected by bipolar and his family. Once the symptom occurs it can have an impact on their thinking, emotions & physical well being and will also stress the family and friends. So, it is always better these medicines are taken regularly which will help them to lead a stress less and partial treated life.

Q. I want to know how it’s good for brain and heart and what its consumption limit per day?

I love walnuts and I almost eat 4-6 walnuts per day. I know it’s good for brain and heart. My family does not have any history of heart attack. My family is a happy family and anyone can easily be jealous of our family. All our family members regularly take walnuts. I think the secret behind the happiness could be walnuts and its regular consumption. I want to know how it’s good for brain and heart and what its consumption limit per day?
A1as johnson10 said, walnuts have a big amount of Omega-3 in it, and that is it's big advantage. you see, the only way for us to get it is from deep see fish. and because not all of us eat fish- it's good that you can eat walnuts. omega-3 is a fatty acid that nerves membrane needs in order to function well.
A2They have Omega-3 fatty acids. These are not produced in our body and we need to take them as supplements or by the way of food. They help in reducing bad cholesterol which can cause heart attack. Walnuts are also a very good source of polyunsaturated fats. There are many other minerals in walnuts like potassium. You can have 4-5 walnut pieces per day in moderation.
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