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Q. I have a constant pain in the inside part of my arm. What can it be?

In the last few weeks I have noticed that I have a right arm pain. The strange thing is that the pain is in a specific point in the inside part of the arm, very near to the elbow. I thnk the pain started for the first time during a baseball game but I am not sure. I work in a factory and as I sad before I use my right arm for baseball, and this pain hinders me. What can it be?
A1I myself play a lot as a pitcher, and i have the same pain. It is more painful when the forearm is flexed towards the body.
I went to my GP about it because it drove me nuts, and he said that I need to take anti-inflammatory drugs, and if it will not work he will inject me something.
he prescribed me a great medication and I didn't need the injection.
A2It sound like you suffer from golfer's elbow.
I know you dont play golf its just the name of it.
you can hear (and see) more about it here:

Q. I walk a lot but why do I lose weight all over the body but not in any specific part of body?

AYour fat is stored in fat cells. Now when you exercise the fat cells release the fat to give energy to your body. Some hormones which run in your blood during exercise in high amount stimulate these fat cells to release fat for energy. During exercise like walking the blood flow increases and the hormones can release the fats from any cell of the body equally and even the hormones can recognize any fat cells.

Q. in what part of pregnancy can i find out if my unborn child has Autism or any other health issue?

AAutism can't be diagnosed before birth, and actually not until the child grows. Other health issues - no once can guarantee you a perfect, problem-less child - there are conditions that are impossible to be diagnosed during pregnancy. However, if you're concerned about this subject, you may want to consult your doctor (e.g. a gynecologist) in order to receive a more personal and comprehensive answer.

You may read more here:

Q. part of my daily rutin is that every morning i exercise for about an hour by jogging and push ups and other

things ... is it enough to keep my health straight and level ?and also , is it enough for fitness ambition ? do i need to envolve other things with my work out ???
Aa proper diet,like watching what u eat,drink alot of water,eat more fruits,watch your carbs and calories

Q. in what part of pregnancy can i find out if my unborn child has Autism or any other health issues?

A1until today, there is still no procedure to determine the autism symptoms and early detection of it in unborn baby. I agree with dagmar that autism is usually apparent in age of 2-3 years old. but some researchers have found a very early detection in age of months.

here is the link, if you want to read further :
A2Unfortunately, it’s impossible. Not only during pregnancy, but also during the first years of life, as autism usually becomes apparent only around the age of 1.5-2.

Regarding other health issues, it’s a bit vast definition- some conditions (e.g. Down’s syndrome) can be diagnosed during pregnancy, and many others can’t be diagnosed, so asking more specifically may be helpful.
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