Patient discussion about papillomatosis

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Q. I have confluent and reticulated papillomatosis of gourgerot and carteaud.Any treatments?

I am currently using antibiotics - tetrasil and have tried anti fungal creams but has still not gone.
A1you have to be patient. anti fungal treatment takes between 2 to 6 weeks. and you have to use the cream as instructed, and the amount it was instructed. if after 4 weeks you don't see even the slightest change- then go back to the Dr. if they said fungal- they might tested it and it came up positive to fungus, but it can also be a false positive.

A2Yes They have checked for abnormalities and have found none. They have told me it is from a kind of fungi.
A3CRP may represent an endocrine disturbance, a disorder of keratinization, an abnormal host reaction to fungi or bacteria, a hereditary disorder, or a variant of amyloidosis. so i guess they checked other possibilities and came to the notion it's from a sort of fungi? have they checked for any endocrine abnormalities?
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