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Q. Is there any other mind control system to reduce on her pain?

My wife has is living with fibromyalgia for nearly 7 years. She has frequent pain, very severe with some other symptoms like heavy tiredness. Life is very difficult for her. She has at times experienced minor and very temporary reduction of pain due to enhanced rest and massage. If rest can help reduce her pain, is there any other mind control system to reduce on her pain?
A1Yes, I went to yoga sessions once for my pain. I do yoga very regularly and have adequate sleep now. Massage therapy is a very good treatment to get relief from pain. Also make sure to bath in hot water which will expand the muscles and relieve the pain. You can try all these along with meds being prescribed by your doctor. All the best!
A2Alot of suffers use yoga as a source to releive pain. It is considered "mind and body' disipline.
I know you are interested in mind control systems but i would like to say relaxing in a warm bath( hot makes me feel worse), taking short naps when I need to, and meditating helps me. I have chronic fatigue(usual symptom) and sometimes find it hard to put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes short walks can give me a small energy build up too
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Q. My sister is having fibromyalgia since last year. Is massage beneficial to get fibromyalgia pain in control?

My sister is having fibromyalgia for the past 1 year. She is taking her medicines since then. She is not fully recovered but her pain is in control. Sometimes her irritation takes on her and makes her to scream very badly. I think she deserves some massage treatment. Is massage beneficial to get fibromyalgia pain in control?
A1Yes sure I am having my massage therapy for the past 7 months and frankly speaking I am relieved with pain to a great extent. It doesn’t give complete cure but it does reduce the devastating pain. I also do swimming and I think with massage and swimming I am able to feel free from the pain a lot. Still I take my medicines as without medicines my pain aggravates and massage helps to keep the pain in control.
A2That depends on your sister. I am in pain sometimes and can not stand to be touched! I don't even want a hug much less a massage. For me warm baths( I can't stand hot, I am sensetive to heat and cold) and heating pad works. There are times I could stand someone massaging my muscles but those time for me personaly are few and far between. A lot of people get releif from yoga, the streching of their muscles and learning to relax helps them. Maybe this is something your sister could look into. Discuss with her if she could stand a massage.That is what is so hard about fibromyalgia is everyone is different and it is trail and error finding out what works best for you. Maybe it would be something she would like to try and see if it helps. Unless she knows she can't stand the pressure on her muscles from a massage it would be worth trying. She may find it brings her releif. I am glad she has a sibling that cares and is supportive. That is important. I wish your sister the best and thank you
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