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Q. What Are the Surgical Options for Treating Obesity?

I would like to find out more about the surgery that is performed on obese people for weight reduction. What surgical options are available?
A1The main two surgical approaches for obesity treatment are gastric banding and gastric bypass. Band surgery is reversible, while bowel shortening operations (bypass) are not. Here is more information about being a candidte for surgery-
A2Here are tips about the weight loss surgery ("bariatric surgery")-
A3Bariatric surgery (or "weight loss surgery") is regarded as a last resort when dietary modification and pharmacological treatment have proven to be unsuccessful. It relies on various principles, the most common approaches are reducing the volume of the stomach, producing an earlier sense of satiation (for example by adjustable gastric banding) while others also reduce the length of bowel that food will be in contact with, directly reducing absorption.

Q. Snacks for kids – is there a healthy option?

My 8 years-old son eats snacks every day, and although he’s not fat by any means, I still want to give him good eating habits. Do you have any idea for healthy snacks? Is there any chance he’ll give up his chocolate and coke for fruits???
A1fruit or peanut butter and jelly,peanut butter provides protein,jelly is a fruit.
A2You can read about healthy options for snacks and how to get your child to eat them here:
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A3In addition to fresh fruit, which are often high in fiber and Vitamin C, low in fat, and have no added sugar, other healthy snacks that are quick and easy for kids to eat can include:

*fresh fruit, such as apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries, watermelon, etc.
*dried fruits, including raisins and prunes, although these are considered sticky foods that can put kids at increased risk for cavities, so consider having your kids brush and floss after eating
*fruit cups or canned fruit in water, 100% fruit juice or light syrup
*raw vegetables, including carrots, celery, or broccoli, that can be served with a low-fat dip or dressing

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Q. Anyone know what my best option would be to maintain my fitness?

hello all……….I have a problem…. I live in countryside and without proper roads to run on so I have to run on a dirt mix gravel road and now during winter we get a lot of snow. Both the condition makes my jogging very difficult and my legs pain lot. Anyone know what my best option would be to maintain my fitness?
AI have a solution a very simple one. First have a good shoe for your summer to run on those dirty and gravel roads. During winter days if you run on snow it itself will make you endurance good and if you feel with some difficulty then try some time on a treadmill and get heated up and then run on the snow. Try this……….. All the best.

Q. i am allergic to a milk products.what are my other options with out giving up the taste and the nutrition?

A1try cutting down on your intake of dairy products first, to see if that helps, if not try soy milk,i"m also allergic to milk i can drink about 8 ounces every 8 hours and it doesnt mess with me too bad,and i love milk.
A2The alternatives for dairy products consist mainly of Soy milk products. The taste is similar but not quite the same. Nutrition-wise the replacements are rather good, however at older age it may be helpful to take calcium supplements.

Q. Hand tremors, 22 yrs. Meds have not worked. Is brain surgery the only option left?

After taking medication I get about 2 1/2 hours of reduced tremors. After that I can't write my name. Eating is becoming a greater problem and there are times I need help even getting dressed. Frustration has caused me to get counseling. I've been on every medication authorized for the treatment of essential tremors. Increased dosages reduced the effect of the medicine.
AHave you tried combination treatment with two drugs? It's considered more effective than treatment with one drug only.

Surgery is indeed a treatment option for severe, disabling tremor. However, all I can give you is a general advice - there's really no substitution for consulting a professional (e.g. a neurologist).

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Q. how do you treat being allergic to sort ofood but still have the option to enjoy the food you are allergic to?

ASevere allergic reaction (e.g. life threatening like anaphylaxis) usually require strict avoidance of the food that causes allergy. In other cases of allergy, there are treatments called immunotherapy in which the body is exposed to increasing amounts of the allergen that eventually makes the body tolerant to it. I heard it's done for bee allergy, but maybe it's done for food allergy - anyway, if you have any question regarding this subject, you may consult your doctor (this treatment is done by a specific doctor).

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Q. I am 65 Years old and i am diabetic ... what are my options for making my life easier with the insulin shots

and all the other treatments like dialyze and diet and other things i should be aware of ?
Aa women i worked with had type 1 diabetes. she moved around with a small machine attached to her that injected her insulin and measured blood sugar. she said it's a big help and give her a peace of mind.
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