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Q. Is Omega 3 fatty acids helps brain development of babies?

There are all sorts of food supplements that add omega 3 to their baby formula. Is it helpful? Can it harm?

I found a nice video with a pediatrician that explain that exactly!!
A2Well, there are a lot of research about Omega 3 and brain development – but as I heard it helps while pregnancy, judge for your self:

Q. I heard that omega 3 is good for autoimmune diseases- is that true?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I take all sort of anti inflammatory drugs. And I heard I can take omega 3 and I’ll be able to cut down the medication.
A1According to studies Omega 3 fatty acids have anti inflammatory effects and a lot of other helpful qualities. Here is a some articles I found about it. Any way you should consult your doctor maybe for you specific- it won’t help. But here it is:

A2Well, I have the same thing and I take omega 3 and it certainly helpful. But this is only after i checked up with my Dr. he actually recommended. He explained that it changes the amount of inflammatory fatty acids in your body. That it’s supposed to be a part of your diet anyway but people eat less of it than they should, so it’s ok. But consult your physician about it- you can never know.

Q. Does Omega 3 help to get rid of headache?

Aomega 3 fatty acids are a building material of "resolvins" which are anti inflammatory substances. so if the headaches are caused by inflammations- it can reduce then. but it won't "get rid" of them. you have to eliminate the cause for the inflammation.
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