Patient discussion about mouth ulcer

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Q. which is a very good treatment for mouth ulcer

A1drink butter milk.
A2There are many causes of mouth ulcers, and the treatment may depend on the specific cause. However, if you refer to aphthae, than symptomatic treatment may include several drugs that ameliorate the inflammation. However, these drugs are prescribed by a doctor, so I can't really recommend any of them here. You may read more here:

Q. mouth ulcer and difficulty to swallow, below right side of inner tongue

guggle salt water and vinigar dose'nt help
Ahow big is it? mouth ulcers has a reason why they happen. sometimes a broken tooth, biting a sharp metal, a prosthetic that doesn't sit well..that sort of things. but sometimes it is caused by other stuff. any way, oral hygiene may relieve some of the symptoms. Topical (rubbed on) antihistamines, antacids, corticosteroids, or other soothing preparations may be recommended for applying on top of the ulcer. Avoid hot or spicy foods.
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