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Q. Can I be allergic only to milk?

I don't get anything from eating dairy- only from drinking milk I get itchy and sneezy. is that possible?
A1dairy milk is devoid of any enzymes because it's pasturized
your body needs enzymes to break milk proteins down
if your allergic it means you don't have enough enzymes to break them down
and your body is trying to signal you to stop what you are doing

try getting an enzyme before taking milk if you don't want milk to take out from your diet

a substitute would be rice milk or almond milk
A2i"am,i"m allercic to only milk,i can eat a half gallon of ice cream,with no effects,but i can only drink about 6 ounces of milk, more than that i get sick.try drinking less milk through out the day,just drink a little at a time, i love milk but milk dosent like me,
A3thanks, anyone else allergic to milk, can maybe recommend good substitutes??

Q. Is this because of the milk change or anything else.

After the change of formula milk to cow milk one and half year old daughter seems to be constipated most days. It’s really upsetting her. Is this because of the milk change or anything else?
ACheck if your baby is not consuming the milk more than required and recommended. Large volume of milk, both formula or cows can lead to constipation in children. Reduce her intake of milk see if the constipation resolves, but ensure of her fluid intake like plain water to help her digestive system. It’s always good to keep up a good intake of plain water. Fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals are the best sources of fibre and must be introduced and these stimulate the digestive system. Try these as it may of your help, but if trouble persists do visit a doctor or dietician.

Q. Does cow's milk cause acne?

I'm 16 years old guy, and I have acne for several years now. Lately, although I treat it as my dermatologist instructs me, it seems I have more zits, particularly on my face. My friend told it can be because for the last few months ago I've been drinking a cup of milk for breakfast (I almost didn't drink milk at all before that). Is it true? The acne really makes me miserable, and the last thing I want to do is to make it worse. Thanks!!!
A1Regardless of what milk does to your acne, emotional stress can also make it worse, so first of all, try to relax- it'll make feel better and can also make your acne better, so it'll make you feel even better. Try to avoid milk for some time and see what helps you most. No one really proved milk has any influence on acne, so you shouldn't feel like you you're responsible for your acne.
A2No one really find any clear proof that milk does makes acne more sever, but in some researchs it was found that milk caused acne, so this issue is not really clear. You may try to avoid milk and see if it helps you.

Q. What Is the Difference Between Milk Allergy and Milk Intolerance?

My 1 year old baby is sensitive to milk products. The doctor said this might pass when he grows up if it is just lactose intolerance, or it may stay if it is an actual milk allergy. What is the difference?
A1 Huge differance between a Food Allergy and Food Tollerance. Food Allergies = An alergic reaction rash, diharea, feeling sick/ill ect... simular to pollen rag weed ect except it's food! when your body recognizes a forein object it identifies it and then tries to get rid of it with your immune system FOOD ALLERGIES can happen from eating the same thing and suddenly for a reason (not discovered YET) your body dosen't recognize it as food instead treats it like a forein invader after it goes through your system the syptoms go away.they can get worse or even deadly each time YOUR EXPOSED

HOWEVER, Food Tollerance such as Lactose Intollerance means that your body is not producing ENOUGH of the Lactase Enzyme. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down the sugar Lactose. Lactose is the common sugar in most dairy products.Having an intollerance simply means that you cannot digest dairy products UNLESS YOU take that enzyme with your meal.(enzyme deficiency)

lookUP the meaning of the words
A2Milk protein intolerance (MPI) is delayed reaction to a food protein that is normally harmless to the non-allergic, non-intolerant individual. Milk intolerance produces a non-IgE antibody and is not detected by allergy blood tests (because allergy tests check the level of IgE antibody, allergic people have high levels). People with milk intolerance may experience a range of symptoms very similar to milk allergy symptoms, but can also include blood and/or mucous in the stool. Treatment for milk protein intolerance is the same as for milk allergy.
A3Milk allergy and milk (or more precisely -lactose)intolerance are different situations that are caused by different immune reactions in the body. Milk allergy is a food allergy, an adverse immune reaction to a food protein that is normally harmless to the non-allergic individual. Lactose intolerance is a non-allergic food hypersensitivity, and comes from a lack of production of the enzyme lactase, required to digest the predominant sugar in milk. Lactose intolerance is not actually a disease or malady- 70% of the world's population is lactose-intolerant in different levels. Adverse effects of lactose intolerance occur at much higher milk consumption than adverse effects of milk allergy. Babies often have lactose intolerance in the first year or two of life, and it is not necessarily a permanent situation.

Q. Is soy milk as good as cow milk?

what`s good about soy milk and when it should be avoided. Is soy milk as good as cow milk?
A1Remember this, we are the only mammals that drink the milk of another! Do you get the urge to suckle while driving by a farm with cows or goats?
I wish I saved the article from someone I communicated with years ago online from New Zealand. Soy is really NOT a good food source! Please investigate further. Why is it that we are so "milk" conscious? Has the American Dairy Association brain washed us? Good righ, organic grains and veggies are the best food choices!
A2Soy milk is good if you need protein. It’s good to have, when one is lactose intolerant, is allergic to cow milk. Whereas soy milk do not have vitamin B 12 which is an important requirement for the health and cow milk has Vit B 12 in plenty. Soy milk becomes complete if you have it with some cereal fortified with vitamin B12.

Q. i am allergic to milk products ,Is there an alternative nutrition i can benefit from the same as milk?

A1You can benefit from eating dark green leafy vegetables,like kale, spinach, collards, swiss chard, escarole and also eating nuts and seeds. Remember, we are the only mammals that drink the milk of another! It wasn't meant for us in the first place! :)
A2for that you need to ask- what is milk's beneficial nutritional advantage?
and from what i know- it has proteins ,calcium and several vitamins like D, B, B12, A. there are many other types of food that can replace it. sesame seeds has more calcium then milk, vitamin B1, vitamin E , vitamin B12 is found in meat, vitamin D -get a 15 minutes of sun every day.

Q. i am allergic to milk products , what are the accepted treatments for this kind of allergy?

A1i too am allergic to milk,and i love milk,so i just cut down my intake of milk,try that,don"t drink as much.
A2you should check out if you are "allergic" or "lactose intolerant". two different things, and two different treatments. i bet you are lactose intolerant. and here is some info about that:

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