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Q. what is migraine???

A1this is a disease
A2Migraine is a neurological syndrome characterized by altered bodily experiences, painful headaches, and nausea. It is a common condition which affects women more frequently than men.

The typical migraine headache is one-sided and pulsating, lasting 4 to 72 hours[1]. Accompanying complaints are nausea and vomiting, and a heightened sensitivity to bright lights (photophobia) and noise (hyperacusis).[2][3][4] Approximately one third of people who experience migraines get a preceding aura, in which a patient may sense a strange light or unpleasant smell.[5] For the full article: Hope this helps.
A3it's blood vessels constriction in the meninges and then a vasodilatation that causing an unbearable pain. here is all the info on migraines that you can get:

Q. What the reasons to the migraine?

A1A migraine headache has many triggers- among which are different foods (cheese, red wine), drinking coffee or caffeine containing beverages, lack of sleep, smoking, drinking alcohol, exposure to strong noise and more. There is also a genetic factor, and you see migraine more in people whose relatives suffer from it too.
A2ther are alot of resens. it can be strees,problem of the spin,problem of the vascular vains in the brain.eye problme.and alot moor, google it.

Q. What Is a Migraine?

I have these headaches and my doctor says it sounds like I’m suffering from migraines. What exactly are migraines?
A migraine is a situation that generally combines a headache with certain characteristics, such as increased sensitivity to light, pulsating pain, usually only one sided and that lasts no longer than 72 hours. It is usually a phenomenon that runs in the family, and sometimes can be very difficult to overcome. Here are some tips about dealing with a migraine-
A2A migraine is a neurological syndrome that can cause headache. It is a common condition which affects women more frequently than it does men. The typical migraine headache is one-sided and pulsating, lasting 4 to 72 hours. Accompanying complaints are nausea and vomiting, and a heightened sensitivity to bright lights (photophobia) and noise. Approximately one third of people who experience migraine get a preceding aura, in which a patient may sense a strange light or unpleasant smell. Patients often describe triggers they feel precipitate an episode of migraine, such as certain foods and beverages (like chocolate or alcohol), stress or menstruation. In some migraine types there are typical features but the headache remains absent, and in children abdominal pain may be a prominent feature.
A3migranes are specific kind of headaches they last 3 or may 2 days

Q. Is migraine hereditary?

If both my parents suffer from migraines does it mean I can't avoid it?
AYes, migraines do have a very strong genetic correlation. However, it does not mean that if both your parents have it, you will have it too for 100%. It means only that you have a much higher risk than the regular population, that does not have migraines in their family, to suffer from this condition.

Q. Migraine stroke

Hi, I'm 58 years-old male and I have migraines with aura since age 14. Two weeks ago, I felt weakness in the left side of my body, and at the hospital the doctors told me I had a stroke. I underwent several tests, but they still don't know the cause for the stroke (my lab tests are normal; I don't have diabetes or hypertension). My neurologist said that although it's very rare, he thinks that my stroke was caused by my migraine. I tried to find information about it, but couldn't find much – do you know where I can get some more info? Thanks!
A1I supposedly had two strokes that caused one sided weakness and temporary aphasia. The most recent time it happened, I went to a different hospital's ER where their neurologist and stroke specialist told me I have "complex migraines." Apparently this type of migraine can mimic a stroke with all the symptoms. If you look up "complex migraine" at or other similar sites, it will give you more informaton. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that I'd rather have a migraine than another stroke since migraines can be treated with preventive meds and/or meds that help the symptoms once it gets started.
A2As someone that also suffers from migraine, I am worried about the risk of stroke like the one you told about. This is a link to an article I found recently:

A3I was sorry to hear about your stroke. I hope you feel better now. I tried to search the net and found several links you may find intresting:

I hope you'll find them helpfull

best wishes!

Q. Nausea and Migraine

Since yesterday I have migraine and feel very nauseous. I tried to take my regular meds but the nausea still won't go. I can't get to my doctor until tomorrow, and the nausea and migraine is making me feel really bad. Is there anything I can do to treat the nausea? What about OTC meds? Do you know any that may be helpfull?
A1What I do when I have nausea is drinking a can of Coke (the regular, not diet or caffeine-free). If that doesn't help, I have some anti-nausea OTC meds I use.

There are also very good prescription meds, but you need to see the doctor for that.

A friend of mine says that what helps him is drinking very hot water (as hot as he can tolerate), so if other things doesn't help you may want to try this…
A2I also have terrible nausea during my migraine attacks. What usually helps is ginger, either as sipping ginger-ale or ginger candies.
You can also try to eat cold food. When you get to your doctor, ask him/her for a prescription for anti-nausea meds for the next time.

Hope I could help!

Q. migraine problems

i have migraine problems every month
A1Amy is right. My migraines started when I was 14 and so did my menstrual cycle. Male or female talk to your doctor there are lots of migraine meds and don't forget foods can be a trigger too! Do you go out to eat a certain type of food once a month?Friends at work and I use to go out month and I always got a migraine...the doctor solved that one for me so wwe changes where we ate!
A2Are you a woman? If you are, than you should pay attention if this migraine occurs in relation to your menstrual cycle (especially two-three days after the onset of menses).

You may read more about it here:

There are several treatments for migraine. Anyway, they require prescription, so you may want to consult your doctor (e.g. neurologist) about your migraine.
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