Patient discussion about meningocele

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Q. my recently born son has been diagnosed with meningocele. How Risky is the surgery.??

The skin over the effected area is in tact. The brain is ultrasonographically normal. No signs of hydrocephalus in the brain or anywhere along spine. The neurosurgeon told that he will assess the child for surgery after three months. What are the risks if this anamolly is not correct viz a viz that of the surgery itself.???. what is the success % and that of any disability due to surgery??
A2here is the picture ... from some reason it didn't work:
A3How well a patient does depends on the initial condition of the spinal cord and nerves. Possible outcomes range from normal development to various losses of muscle function.
but it seems strange to me that he wants to wait for 3 far as i know, the procedure should be preformed at the most after 24 hours from birth...
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