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in pre-mature infants;what are the causes of it in pregnant women?
Athe cause of Hyaline Membrane disease is pre-mature birth. while the fetus develop, about in the 29th week a substance called surfactant is created in the lungs. this substance's function is to change the surface tension of the fluid in the lungs- therefore decreasing it's force. the surface tension tends to shrink the lungs and can cause the lungs to collapse. so a premature baby wouldn't be able to breath properly.

Q. For those that had an epimacular membrane removed, how long was it before your eye healed?

How was your vision afterwards? Do you now require or benefit from glasses?
AEpimacular membrane removal can be associated with a variety of ocular conditions and therefore the healing process varies tremendously depending on the underlying pathology. Furthermore, this condition may recur.
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