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Q. Does anybody have good recipes for meals which don't contain gluten??

My 8 year old son has celiac disease. He is really suffering from not being able to eat so many things his brother and his friends can like pizza, pasta, birthday cakes, etc. I'd love him to have his own very tasty meals but I'm havin a hard time finding any recipes. If anyone knows some..
AI have found some here- for chicken, pizza and brownies..
and also- I am sure you can buy a cookbook that has gluten-free recipes.

Q. I want to know if somebody could give me some expert advice on what to eat for my meals.

hello ……I'm trying to lose body fat but at the same time build some muscle within 4 months period. My hope is that when I've shredded all the fat off, I'll have something nice to show to everyone on my birthday. I'm 5'8 and I weigh 210 already. I dropped 3 pounds but I want to know if somebody could give me some expert advice on what to eat for my meals.
AA good general program of dieting to lose 2lbs a week while lifting weights. Go with a high protein, low carbohydrate type diet. Workout 6 days a week alternating upper body one day lower body the next, take one day off. That’s it as simple as eating and as difficult as working hard. Cheers! and invite me for your birthday.

Q. I have a diabetic guest coming over to dinner. What are the Dos and Don'ts for preparing the meal?

A1here is some info that might give you an idea:
A2best i can say is no salt and sugar,very bland food,put your own individual salt and sugar on your individual plate,thats what i have to do for my step father.

Q. what is the counting diet? when you count your calories of every meal during the day? why is it so papular?

Abecause you get so frustrated of counting calories all the time that you rather skip meals :)
yes it's counting calories, and it's popular because at the end our body cannot defy the laws of thermodynamics- if you eat 4000 calories a day and use only 3000, the rest will transform into fat. and in this diet it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you don't go over the calorie level you decided. not always a healthy diet if done without someone supervising it.

Q. This is Maria and on the Atkins diet. Can anybody tell me how many calories can I take for one meal?

A1I really appreciate you for your Atkins diet. I recommend you to eat until you are not hungry anymore, and then stop. You don't worry about calories until you're near your goal weight.
A2i'd be careful Maria that depends on your height, weight, metabolism, activity level and health issues. Atkins claims carbs count not the calories however counting both is important. what meal is it? what time of the day is it? try for 500 plus minus according to your other meals and your personal profile....just stay between 1000 to 1800 a day to loose weight, remember this is a very rough estimate.
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