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Q. Does massage help............

Does massage help people with chronic pain, too?
A1There are many pains and they need different cures. Acupressure (and acupuncture), massage, music therapy, aroma therapy, and so on. This is not black magic, you can try it and maybe one of these cures help you. Acupressure help me always to disappear my headache. There are invisible lines and points on our body and if you massage them then the sensation will change (that is the pain will vanish).
A2Many people who live with chronic pain (or with chronic illness) are likely candidates to benefit from good quality massage. It can become an integral part of the healing process. (When I was extremely sick and hurt almost 24 hours a day, I "lived" from one massage appointment to the next! They were a great refuge.)

There are many mind/body/spirit therapies that can help you heal. Some offer more relief than traditional medicine, but this is a personal choice to investigate for yourself. If you're interested in looking into one of the newest mechanisms that's earning "rave reviews" for

1. Simplicity,
2. Thoroughness
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Q. Can massage really help her?

My cousin sister who is with fibromyalgia also feels some pain. Can massage really help her?
ANot only the person with fibromyalgia but anyone can benefit from the massage. If you're a newbie and have not had much bodywork, start slowly. Having someone stroke your "sore" spots may feel a bit "ouchy," but that type of touch therapy may be quite beneficial in the long run. Have your therapist go as slowly as you need. You can build up to deeper applications by spreading out your experience over many appointments. Special note: Whether you're the patient or the caregiver of a chronically ill person, life's stress can increase to unbearable limits and can cause great mind/body/spirit imbalances. By relaxing your mind and body, massage helps to raise your health and vitality closer to a state of wellness. Perhaps, you will feel better than you could possibly imagine. Start gradually, book weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments. Consider keeping a record of your progress. Few doctors would advise you not to try massage therapy, but to be safe, it's a good idea

Q. I like to know the types of massages..

I like to know the types of massages for the people who suffer from fibromyalgia or with chronic illness.
ATypes of Massage, especially for people with Fibromyalgia and/or those who suffer with chronic illness: ‘Myofascial release’: Many times "regular" massage therapists can perform elementary myofascial release holds and moves, but the more specifically trained professionals in myofascial release therapy have received extended education and use stylized techniques and tools. They apply the type, degree and specific techniques that are best suited for each person's need. Myofascial Release therapy can be effective particularly for individuals with trigger or tender points and for those whose muscles tend to be knotty. ‘Swedish massage ‘: Any massage therapist should be able to do this kind of work. This technique is gentle, but done with enough applied pressure to comfortably work on sore spots.

Q. My sister is having fibromyalgia since last year. Is massage beneficial to get fibromyalgia pain in control?

My sister is having fibromyalgia for the past 1 year. She is taking her medicines since then. She is not fully recovered but her pain is in control. Sometimes her irritation takes on her and makes her to scream very badly. I think she deserves some massage treatment. Is massage beneficial to get fibromyalgia pain in control?
A1Yes sure I am having my massage therapy for the past 7 months and frankly speaking I am relieved with pain to a great extent. It doesn’t give complete cure but it does reduce the devastating pain. I also do swimming and I think with massage and swimming I am able to feel free from the pain a lot. Still I take my medicines as without medicines my pain aggravates and massage helps to keep the pain in control.
A2That depends on your sister. I am in pain sometimes and can not stand to be touched! I don't even want a hug much less a massage. For me warm baths( I can't stand hot, I am sensetive to heat and cold) and heating pad works. There are times I could stand someone massaging my muscles but those time for me personaly are few and far between. A lot of people get releif from yoga, the streching of their muscles and learning to relax helps them. Maybe this is something your sister could look into. Discuss with her if she could stand a massage.That is what is so hard about fibromyalgia is everyone is different and it is trail and error finding out what works best for you. Maybe it would be something she would like to try and see if it helps. Unless she knows she can't stand the pressure on her muscles from a massage it would be worth trying. She may find it brings her releif. I am glad she has a sibling that cares and is supportive. That is important. I wish your sister the best and thank you

Q. My sister just discover she has breast cancer ... after she has got the massage i started to ask and learn

about this horrible desease .. and what i found out wasn't easy ... there is a great chance of fatal if the desease is very developed ...and it is not an easy desease to "get rid" of ... how can i support my sister during those tough hours and days that are still due to come ?
Ai'm sorry to hear about your sister...but just for you to know that breast cancer is considered an easy-to-treat disease that has a good prognosis. that is because it's usually spotted in an early stage.
i think like any great illness, the important part is helping her in those little things that she faces. going with her to treatments, helping her take care of her children, cleaning the house and even taking her to see a movie!
i'll pray for your sister's health!
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