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Q. I am a man with breast cancer.

Hello friends, you might have heard about breast cancer in women but here I am a man with breast cancer. Is Herceptin licensed to treat me?
A1Hi, what were your symptoms and when did you discover you had breast cancer?
A2Here is the simple answer. If you have advanced breast cancer and High levels of HER2, then the answer is YES. Herceptin (Trastuzumab) is a monoclonal antibody. It is licensed for treatment in both women and men with either early breast cancer or advanced breast cancer, as long as the cancer cells have high levels of HER2. Herceptin research so far has only involved women, so doctors aren’t sure about the specific benefits or side effects for men.

Q. what are the basics products we as a humans, need to have in our diet?

AA regular healthy diet should be comprised of a 40-50% carbohydrate (bread, rice, etc.), 30-40% protein (dairy, meat, chicken, fish) and 20% fat. Other important ingredients are fruit and vegetables, that contain large amounts of fibers and vitamins.

Q. Is there a difference between a man's diet and a woman's diet? let say for the point of it the weight the

same and they are in the same age .
A1no one should have the same exact diet, you need to find what works for you and helps you achieve your goals.

the base of the diet could be the same, for example burn calories then you consume. But other wise, find what works for you.
A2each diet should be different, because we are all individuals and so unique! the one responds good in this kind of diet another not at all. combinations can also be successfull. eat less is not a solution at all. some persons become more fat by eating less, because the body starts to become panic and makes more reserves because he get less. by hook or by crook: don't exaggerate in what you do!

Q. Is taking vitamins really that important for a human being?

I heard that it's always important to take vitamins, but i wanted to know from somebody who tried it Does it really amke such a difference in our health. It's rather expensive to take it everyday.
A1Vitamins are substances that are found in many of the foods we eat. Your body needs vitamins to work properly, which makes them some really important substances! Your body uses vitamins to do many things, like help you grow and develop. It needs vitamins to help your blood clot when you get a cut. Some vitamins help us make energy. Vitamins are even involved in making sure you can see in color, the world would look black and white without them! Think of vitamins kind of like the fluids in your car. If you have no oil (vitamins) in your car, it does not matter how much gasoline (calories) you put in your car, your car will not run. For this reason, it is critically important to ensure a proper supply of vitamins in your car. Unlike the oil in your car, many vitamins are purged from your body daily. A high-quality liquid multivitamin will replenish lost vitamins and minerals. For the full article: Hope this helps.

A2vitamins are essential to our welfare and usually we should get them from the food we eat. if you eat a balanced diet you don't need supplements, but if you eat junk food- you can check it out in a blood test and see if you need any supplement. there is a good chance you don't need to take extensive amount of vitamins, you can check the amount you need in this calculator:

Q. What are the chances of pregnancy even when a man uses a condom?

i'm not sexually active, just sexually curious if you will. is there a statistic any where? what are the chances of pregnancy even if a man uses a condom, and what factors affect those chances? thanks.
A1condoms/pills are the best way to go now that i no of;the bigger question is are you ready for baby if these methods do not work--preg is a life changing dicision/your life will change/you will have to worry about baby 24/7 MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY FOR MOTHERHOOD BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX.
A2There is a risk but it is very small. The man must be careful when he takes off the condom after he did ejaculate. Then it is clear that he should not penetrate again, because sperms are still on the way... In the meantime it is also possible to regulate or to prevent fecondation naturally. If you like more to know about these possibilities just ask me. I will tell you. Please if you should one day be pregnant, never let you control by any ultra-sonic device. Those devices are a real mess and can cause a tremendous damage to the embryo which cannot be cured.
A3condoms are only 97% effective!
n the only way you can tell if there is a hole in it is to fill it up wit water and see if it leaks.,.. like neone will do tht because u cant see some holes.
trust me i used condoms and i am 27 weeks pregnant

Q. Which would be the best diet pattern for a man to have a flat stomach?

A1I have found that if you eat a snack every 3 hours it will increase your metabolism and therefore help you lose weight

Chad Levin
A2thank you Brandon
A3hmmm... flat stomach is the hardest.and first of all because our shape has a genetic imprint taken from our parents. another thing- it doesn't matter which diet you do as long as you loose weight, you will loose fat from the stomach. however- there should be a physical activity that uses the stomach muscles in order to loose weight in that area in a more efficient way.

Q. can an healthy man , 24 years old , develop Arthritis? is it passable Arthritis will be active in this point

of life ? how would i know if it is Arthritis or just a joint pain ?
A8. Arthritis can happen at any age. Though 24 is very unlikely…here’s a link to which can give you a list of symptoms and other diagnosis for joint pains: .
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