Patient discussion about lymphadenopathy

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Q. my friend ate a bar of chocolate and now her left neck gland is swollen any ideas why?

no other symptoms
A1it can be an infection -just like brandon said- or although this is rare, it can also be an allergic reaction.
if it is an infection, you can usually find such other infection symptoms like : fever, pain in that swollen area, increased white blood cells (in blood work test), etc.

if it is an allergy, usually it will fade away itself in couple of days, or you can just try to consume anti-allergic drugs, such as : loratadine and maybe combined with dexamethasone.

Good luck, and stay healthy always..
A2if you mean the lymph nodes - lymph nodes swell when there's an infection. when something penetrate the body and survive the first attack of the immune system, the immune system in the lymph nodes near the infection get activated. but i don't see a connection between eating a chocolate bar and that...unless there's something i don't know about chocolate and lymph nodes.
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