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Q. Could ADHD be the reason my nine year old can not read or tell the difference between 16 and 60?

My nine year old can not read or remember how to spell little words like as and on. She also has major problems with complicated sorting that other child younger then her can do. The school says it is because she is not on medication for her ADHD. She has a younger sister who has ADHD and is not on medication and she is doing well in school. Can ADHD cause all her problems or is there something else going on.
A1I have a 13-year-old child who has ADHD along with learning disabilities including an auditory processing disorder and a working memory disorder (diagnosed in 2nd grade). Not sure if the attention symptoms are because of the learning disabilities, etc. LD goes hand in hand with ADHD and vice verse. A very high percentage of people who have ADHD also have something else going on such as learning disabilities, oppositional defiance disorder, bipolar disorder, etc. My child is 13 now and has always exhibited signs of ADHD, LD and ODD. You should have your child tested at the school level for learning disabilities. Write a letter requesting testing for learning disabilities and give it to your school's principal. The school then has I believe 30 days to respond with testing.This will let you know if your child also has a learning disability going on with the ADHD. It also gives you the option of allowing your child to receive Special Education services in a resource class.
A2ADHD is a condition where a child or adult can not stay focused on something (and is really hyper sometimes) it has nothing to do with a child's ability to remember or tell the difference between two numbers. Although i think i have ADD the conditions are similar except for the hyper part. but like everybody else i suggest having the district physiologist at a look at her.
A3If you wouldn’t specify the 16-60 problem I would say that it might be the ADHD that stops her from acquiring education. But not defining between 16 and 60 is classic dyslexia. It’s easy to point to ADHD for learning disabilities but a trained specialist can diagnose it and recommend what to do next.
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