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Q. Is this a kind of Insomnia...?

It's hard to explain my situation. I've always had a horrible sleeping pattern ever since I was really little. In fact, I've never really had a bed time. I always go to bed really early in the mornings, like 7, 8, 9 am. If I want to put myself on a normal sleeping schedule, I stay up all day and I manage to conk out around 10 pm...sometimes even later. But then, the next couple of days, I'm doing the same exact thing again. I was wondering, is this a type of insomnia? And if it is, should I see a doctor about it?
A1Your biological clock is upside down. Congratulations. You are not sick or anything you live in a different time zone than others. You can go to a sleep lab and they may find a reason for this. Or you can stop fighting it. Cause if you’ll do you’ll start sleeping only 3-4 hours a night and than it’ll affect your body- the hormone balance will change, and you’ll gain weight and things like that.
A2My dear- welcome to my world! I live it the vampiric style. I go to sleep about 5-6 am and wake up at 1-2 pm. I always thought something’s wrong with me and then I discovered I just have a different biological clock than most of humanity. I tried fighting it – with no use.. so I found a job I can do at night- I run a bar in N.Y! make the most of it I always say :) .

Q. Any other treatment for sleeplessness problem than Melatonin???

33 years male having acute sleeping problem awake until 08:00-09:00am. Taking Melatonin failed.
A1Belladonna. [Bell]
The sleepless conditions calling for Belladonna are due to congestion; sleep is extremely restless, as a rule it is interrupted by talking, startings, muscular jerkings and spasmodic motions; frightful images appear on closing the eyes and the patient therefore dreads sleep. Children awake from sleep frightened. The dreams found under Belladonna are frightful ones, and they constantly awaken the patient. It is probably our best remedy for insomnia due to cerebral hyperaemia; that is, it will be most often indicated, also after morphine which produces cerebral hyperaemia of a passive variety. Aconite comes in here, too, but with Aconite there is intense anxiety and restlessness, fear of disaster or death. Cuprum, Stramonium and Zincum have the symptom that the patient is aroused from sleep frightened. For the complete list: Hope this helps.
A2The over-the-counter drugs (such as antihistamines or the herbal drug valerian) are not considered really effective in improving sleep (although the may increase sleepiness).

Remember to consult a doctor before taking any drug.

It's a really important subject, and you can read more about it here:
A3First of all it's important to identify the cause of the sleeping problem. An abrupt onset may suggest the presence of stress, change in the sleeping environment or even some medical condition affecting sleep.

Treatment starts with treating the cause of the sleeping problem, if it’s known.

You may start by improving your sleep hygiene - keep a regular sleeping schedule and don't force yourself to sleep, avoid large meals, caffeine, smoking and alcohol before bedtime. Exercising regularly 20 minutes every day may also help, and so would dealing with the worries you have on your mind before you try to fall asleep.

If these don't help, then there are several medications that can help. The commonly used ones are benzodiazepines, prescribed by a doctor. However, they are usually not prescribed for more than 2 weeks because
They lose effectiveness and there may be withdrawal problems upon discontinuation.

Q. On stopping the medicines his insomnia like condition starts

hi all………………my dad is bipolar II and he was on lithium and clonazepam which had put his mania under control, but he sleeps a lot, as he finds his sleep refreshing him; which is due to medicine. On stopping the medicines his insomnia like condition starts and so now he takes his doses in excess to sleep…..we were told not to stop on these medicines……is it all right?
A1I agree with the others it is very dangerous to start and stop medications. One has to be weined off Lithium slowly. If your dad is finding that his current doses are not working properly he should be discussing it with his doctor whom will tweak his dosages or change his medications. It is so important to take medications as perscribed. Clonezepam can be addictive so it should be taken exactly as perscribed and monitored. There are other medications in the "pam" family that he can be changed to if the Clonezepam is no longer effective, rather than taking more.
The insomnia syptoms are signs of mania which will happen when he stops taking his medications. If you stop taking medications that are controlling bipolar symptoms the only logical outcome is the return of the bipolar symptoms. I would have him visit his doctor and discuss changing or increasing his doseages if he is finding they are not working effectivly anymore.
A2nice going RohanBraydon- answering yourself like that :)
stopping and starting any medication, especially those who affects the CNS- needs a doctor approval. most of them (lithium is a good example) can cause immense damage if stopped completely at once.
A3Over dose of lithium would have serious side effects and especially when the condition demands to have them life long. And if your dad is sleeping a lot, which might be due the intake of clonezepam, which does actually treats insomnia but lithium is used to control his mania. So I feel he can increase on dose of clonezepam, but that too, when his doctor agrees

Q. How an acupressure or acupuncture cures insomnia?

I am on my sleeping pills to get a good night`s sleep. These pills have a lot of side effect. So I stopped taking them. Now I am getting sick with this insomnia. Due to sleepless nights I am getting high temperature. I am thinking to for acupressure or acupuncture. I hope this will work for me. What you all have to say for my motivation and this treatment.
AI had tried on Chinese herbal medicines. They had not helped much to cure my insomnia. When I started on exercise I start getting good sleep. I don’t know how an acupressure or acupuncture cures insomnia. But my friend is taking this treatment for stress and he says he is feeling better. Walking is the best exercise a person can do.

Q. Are medications always needed in a case of insomnia?

I've been suffering from insomnia for about a month now- for the first time in my life though. It did start in a few hard days in which I had a lot on my mind. Back then I thought I just have to wait for those issues to be solved and over and I'd be sleeping like a beauty. Guess what- I still find myself lying in bed for hours every night and waking up in the middle of the night after I finally fall asleep. Is there a way to help me sleep without starting to take all kinds of chemicals??
A1I know how frustrating this is! I got this from a Biopsych text:

"Many cases of insomnia are...physician created--in large part because sleeping pills, which are usually prescribed by physicians, are a major cause of insomnia. At first...drugs are effective in increasing sleep, but soon the patient is trapped in a rising spiral as tolerance to the drug develops.
"In one study insomniacs claimed to take an average of 1 hour to fall asleep and to sleep an average of only 4.5 hours per night; but when they were tested in a sleep lab they were found to have an average sleep latency of only 15 minutes and an average nightly sleep duration of 6.5 hours.
"One of the most effective sleep restriction therapy. First, the amount of time spent in bed is substantially reduced. Then after a period of sleep restriction, time is gradually increased as long as sleep latency remains in a normal range. Even sever insomnia often benefit from this treatment"(Pinel,
A2You may want to consider trying acupuncture to help with your insomnia. Often, insomnia is caused by an imbalance in the body that disturbs the mind. You can read more about using Acupuncture for Insomnia here:

To complement the acupuncture treatment, you can also try some acupressure on yourself. There are several points you can massage and press detailed in this article:

Several treatments may be necessary to restore proper sleep habits, but you should feel the different after the 1st or 2nd treatment.
A3You can always try some alternative therapies e.g. hypnotherapy.

Q. who had already a heavy crisis because he/she was sleepless during several days?

i don't know, if it is the sign to get a psychosis, but this is what i experienced three times before i was forced to go in an asylum. till this day i found nobody with a similar experience. perhaps we are now able to collect what most psychiatrist don't know...
A1Yes, sometimes it take so long to snap out of it. Stay strong Lixior.
When I was 20, I went to Barcelona for a couple of days with my School and the olders didn't allow us to sleep for 2 full nights. When I went back to France, I couldn't sleep anymore, I must have had 4 hour sleep in about 10 days, I was becoming paranoid, nasty and crazy! I had to phone a friend who drove me home and I went to see a psychiatrist who gave me some medecines to sleep. It took me 2 months to become myself again...
A3thank you Joseph for your answer. the first time i was more than 2 weeks sleepless before the police got me and put me in a first instance in jail. because they found no alcohol, drugs or any other potentially dangerous substance, a psychiatrist tried out an interview without any success. so they put me - of course by force - in an asylum.

here is my whole story:

PS: the English in my document is quite a mess, because it is a online-translation and i never took the time to formulate it better. anyhow, some people could perhaps recognise themselves for the first time. the original is in German. perhaps there is someone who likes to help me on this?

Q. Is Nytol Effective and Safe?

I have been under excessive stress for the past few days mainly because of my new office. I find the working conditions quite hostile mainly because I have a social anxiety disorder. I do have an individual cabin where I am isolated from others, but it is the break hours that I dread when people get together. I feel completely out of place and often times the butt of all jokes. These thoughts keep hovering in my mind all the time. I am not able to sleep and my mind keeps churning out negative thoughts all night long. Because of this my productivity at work has reduced a lot. Is there any way I can stop my mind from thinking when I go to bed? My friend recommended <a href="">nytol</a> but I am not sure if this would be effective. Please advice..
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