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Q. What is impaired at .08 blood-alcohol content?

Hello there, What is impaired at .08 blood-alcohol content?
A1The limit for workers to enter the protected area of a commercial nuclear power plant is 0.04. (I retired from one in July.)

So to answer your question directly, it impairs your ability to think, work, and make critical decisions.

It affects those around you, especially family if the person persists and drinks irresponsibly all the time.

Drinking affects one's ability to drive an automobile properly, not just for the driver, but for the safety of passengers and those in other autos. If you care for other people, you won't drink and drive.
Don't drink and drive. The law is far too lenient.

You can't get back what you lose when you drink irresponsibly.
What you lose may be things intangible that are the most precious in life.

A2From the time drivers begin to drink, they are impaired. At .01, drivers' ability to divide their attention, the time it takes to react to choices and their visual functions are impaired. At .02, steering is impaired. Eye movement control and emergency responses are impaired at .03. At .04, drivers lose coordination; at .05, judgment and the ability to process information are compromised; at .08, concentration and speed control are impaired.

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