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Q. What Are the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism?

My friend suffers from hypothyroidism. I have been feeling tired lately and she told me I should get examined too. What are the symptoms of this disease?
A1It's true that these symptoms are also common with other conditions, so it's always important to talk to your doctor about it or any noticeable changes; mental fatigue and depression can also occur and the tiredness can range from unusual lack of energy to just plain exhaustion. Bloodwork will need to be done to determine if you have low hormone levels and subsequent follow-ups will be needed to determine the correct dosage. Hormone replacement will most likely have to be continued for the rest your life, so ask your doctor what the best options are.

Try some exercise or weight loss first: you should feel an initial burst of energy and lose weight in a typical fashion, but with hypothyroidism, you may experience a crash in energy, mental dullness, and ability to lose weight.
A2In hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone content gets out of balance, and systems covering the whole body are affected. This is why hypothyroidism symptoms can look like other diseases-
A3Hypothyroidism is a situation that can mimic a number of other medical conditions. Therefore, the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is often missed. Among the common symptoms are fatigue (especially due to poor muscle tone), Cold intoleranc(increased sensitivity to cold), constipation, weight gain, dry skin, slow heart rate and more. This can be easily treated with hormonal replacement after proper medical consultation.

Q. Hi Everyone, my name is Selly with Bipolar. Are there homeopathic meds for Hypothyroidism and Bipolar?

A1Hi, I also have hypothyroidism along with my bipolar depression. I would agree with Dagmar that getting some conventional medical treatment first is the right way to go. I certainly wouldn't knock a homeopathic treatment that worked, but for bipolar disorder you really should be monitored closely by a doctor. Perhaps you can integrate some homeopathic remedies with your conventional medications, under the observation of a doctor, of course. Good luck, and if you find something that works for you let us know!
A2I don't want to sound rude, but is there a reason not to try the conventional approach fisrt? Both of these conditions are very serious and may have severe consequences (especially bi-pollar). IMHO consulting a doctor first is a good option.

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Q. Is their a drug available to regain my energy back from having hypothyrodiam?

I was diagnosed three years ago with Hypothyroidism. I have been using medication to level out my thyroid level. The lack of energy and weakness I am experiencing at the age of 42 is maddening. I want my life back the way it was. I am tired of feeling tired and zombie like.
A1Hormone replacement has to be continued throughout your life; Zoe is probably right: you may need a higher dose. Talk to your doctor about the fatigue, you should have regular check-ups again to monitor your hormone levels to get the right dosage.

You can always ask for more information about your condition: whether it's primary or secondary hypothyroidism and what may/may not have caused it, or what you can do to improve your symptoms.
A2Well if you are receiving thyroid hormone replacement and still feel the same way, tired and exhausted, you should go see a doctor or a specialist in endocrinology and figure out what is wrong. Maybe you need a higher dose of medication.
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