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Q. why my hands are getting purple and freezing?

A1thank you, but these answers are not correct answers for my question
A2You didn't mention what part of the country you live in. If you have Winters like we do in Canada and are having a problem with your hands, it is likely due to poor circulation as others have said. If you are a smoker this is a big factor in your blood circulation and can be quite serious. A cousin of mine took a part time winter job delivering mail, door to door. He had such pain in his hands and feet, and them turning blue, that he saw a doctor who told him to quit smoking or else. As a youngster, I would help him deliver the mail so he could get done faster, and even his nose would start to turn blue. I would suggest you see a doctor ASAP.
A3This also sounds like poor circulation. You need to contact your physician.

Q. Is it possible to have fibromyalgia in your feet and hands? Can you explain?

I am very eager to know whether anybody is here with the symptoms of mine. My thumb hurts so much that it's difficult for me to write, and both my feet hurt when I put any weight on them. My hands and feet used to be the only parts of my body that didn't hurt. Is it possible to have fibromyalgia in your feet and hands? Can you explain?
cod liver oil
flax seed oil
raw apple cider vinegar
avoid highly process foods, especially white sugar and white flour
A2I am here to give some points regarding your question doesn’t mean that I have the symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by persistent pain throughout the body. The pain is usually felt in the muscles and soft tissues. The joints themselves do not show signs of arthritis such as pain and swelling. Fibromyalgia can occur together with another form of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. The prominence of symptoms in your hands and feet suggests that arthritis, rather than fibromyalgia, may be -- but is not necessarily -- the cause of your pain. Foot pain can be caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis, which is the irritation of a band of soft connective tissue that spans the sole of the foot. Planter fasciitis can be associated with fibromyalgia. It is important that you get a full medical evaluation to determine the precise cause of your pain and to begin treatment.

Q. Itches on hands when i go out in sun

When go out and when sun rays fall on my hand at the end of the day it starts itching bady and it becoms sowlen. Can any one tell reason for this and a solution.
A1i don't use any lotion or creams. It happens only on my hands and only when sun rays fall on my hands. And small rashes also comes.
A2It can be either sunburn (is it red?) or it may be other reaction to the light. Is it only happens on your hands? Do you use anything (e.g. cream, lotion, gloves etc.) on your hands? Does it appears on other body parts?

Have you tried to avoid the sun and then see what happens? If you use anything on your hands, you may try to avoid it and see if your hands improve.

If it doesn't help, than consulting with a dermatologist nay be an option.

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Q. help with tingling in the hands amd numness

A1I have experienced the same conditions in the past on numerous occasions. The malady, more than likely, is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You should consult a neurologist for a diagnosis.
A2i agree with Terrany,
A3could be so many causes like Terrany suggested, here is most of the possible causes for hand numbness:

Q. How do you tell between temporal shaky hands and parkinson disease?

My dear granpa's hands are being a bit shaky lately. I was wondering if I should worry about Parkinson's disease or is it most likely to be something else? How to tell? are there other symptoms for Parkinson's?? Any help...
AThe tremor (shaking body parts) of Parkinson disease appears during rest of the limb and disappears or weakens during active movement. Additionally, Parkinson's disease cause walking problems and slow movements.

You may read more here:

Q. I had an acute neck pain and now hand pain.

I had an acute neck pain which is now gone with some self medication but now i have pain in my left hand muscles. Help
Acan be caused by number of things. but you have to be more specific, what kind of pain? when is it ? mornings? evenings? does it last or is it transient? maybe you play the guitar too much and your muscles ache? :)

Q. How can I get my doctor to believe me about my back and neck pain and the numbness in my hand?

My doctor referred me to a pain clinic and I waited 2 months for the appointment. So i went to the appointment and the doctor was very short with me and asked me why I was there even though I had just given my complete history to his nurse 5 minutes earlier. i said I wanted to know what was wrong with my back and if it could be fixed. He said we don't do that here and looked at a cat scan of my neck from a year and a half prior and an x ray of my back from 4 months prior. He said there is nothing wrong with me and told me to have a nice day. i asked if he could at least send me for an MRI and he gave me a prescription for one and said his nurse would make the appointment for me. I'm still waiting for the appointment. The other thing is is that I am on medicaid and filed for disability because I can not work. I just can't find a doctor to help me. I'm very frustrated.
A1Since you were hurt in an accident and it could well be the source of your pain and numbness. The initial x-ray right after the accident may appear to be normal but joints that were impacted during the accident could start to shift overtime. You need to talk to your family doctor or see an chiropractor who can send you for a x-ray or MRI. I was in a minor car accident over 10 years ago and the pain and numbness only showed after around 7 years after the accident. I went to the hospital for checkup and x-ray at the time of the accident and everything was normal but then things got worse over time and 7 years later the x-ray showed that a piece of my neck-bone was out of place which pinched on a nerve and caused the numbness on my arms and sometimes I couldn't even use a computer mouse or raise my arm high. Chiropractor couldn't help me, he could only relief the pressure that built up on my neck for a few hours but it returned. I went to see a Chinese doctor, and all he did was phy
A2I have had two back operations. One in my lower back (cause I was lifting cement blocks)and one in my neck. Couple things. If you go to emergency they have to see you -- true? When you are there just tell them and then get names of nurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons. They will probably take an xray but ask to get an MRI for your upper and lower back. That will tell you the story. Next, go to at least 2 or 3 surgeons. Talk to people, find the best place to go. I live in a city of 50,000 and I opted to go 300 miles to a city with a million. I found a good group of doctors. Some specialized in lower some upper -- so I had to fuse my neck and then did my lower back. I was getting all the pain down my arm and everything. Mine was so bad that my chest was fibulating from the spasms, thought I was having a heart attack, went to emergency and I'll never forget what that doctor said, "good thing -- it's not your spine". Idiot. You will have to search for good docs. Good
A3You might consider going to a chiropractor. They can be very helpful for back pain.

Also, I'm just getting over Lyme disease, which can cause back and neck pain and numbness. Make sure you don't have that (you probably don't, if those are your only symptoms).
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