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Q. What can i do about everyones germs at work?

the people at work are always sick and it is getting nasty
A1i dont know if hand sanitizer will do it but now i always have a bottle on me. its like being in the movie outbreak.i will try to post some pics so you can see i need help!
A2always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer, they have some really good ones out now!also, you can buy wet wipes that also kill germs to use on commonlly used surfaces at work...
A3If all your coworkers are sick all the time it is probably because they are catching it from each other.
In order to avoid catching their germs you should keep hygiene by washing hands after touching other sick people, clean the keyboard and phone after someone else uses it and make sure the bathrooms are clean. It is also important to clean the air conditioner's filters because germs accumulate there.
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