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Q. Has anyone had a spine fusion that failed? Or hardware that failed?

AHaven't experienced it myself, but here ( you may find a discussion about it.

Q. I'm having a lot of pain in my right leg after back fusion surgery. Any ideas why?

This was my third back surgery. The doctor fused 2 levels. Before surgery I was having pain in my left leg. It is now fine. My right leg however is giving me fits. I've been on Neurontin (Gabopentin is the generic) for 4 weeks now and have very little relief.
A1Thank you Brandon for your input. I have talked with my surgeon on several occasions and he is as baffled by this as I am. His next course of action will be a myleogram. His is reluctant to do this because of the pain and discomfort involved. This is the most baffling thing I have ever experienced, especially when my very talented surgeon is puzzled by it. I do appreciate your input, and will discuss this with my doctor...Perhaps it is a blood flow problem. I have been walking and wear compression hose, with no relief unfortunately.
A2i know from my dad experience that sometime after the surgery there's a problem with blood circulation in the legs. If that's really what is happening to your leg – very likely that it's painful. You can help your circulation by doing your leg exercises and walking. You can also wear sequential compression boots that automatically inflate and deflate, helping to pump the blood in your legs back up to your heart.
But that's guessing- I would have a talk with the surgeon that treated you…
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