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Q. why my hands are getting purple and freezing?

A1thank you, but these answers are not correct answers for my question
A2You didn't mention what part of the country you live in. If you have Winters like we do in Canada and are having a problem with your hands, it is likely due to poor circulation as others have said. If you are a smoker this is a big factor in your blood circulation and can be quite serious. A cousin of mine took a part time winter job delivering mail, door to door. He had such pain in his hands and feet, and them turning blue, that he saw a doctor who told him to quit smoking or else. As a youngster, I would help him deliver the mail so he could get done faster, and even his nose would start to turn blue. I would suggest you see a doctor ASAP.
A3This also sounds like poor circulation. You need to contact your physician.
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