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Q. I've been experiencing real bad flare-ups for a month already.

Hello buddies, Amanda here. Anybody here with fibromyalgia - I've been experiencing real bad flare-ups for a month already. They are so painful. I tried lyrica and it didn't do anything for me.
A1Hi Amanda,
I to am one that can't take lyrica. I am taking tramadol and flexaril.
I take neurotin also. Try your meds and yoga, exercise(as you can tolerate), warm/hot baths, naps(when needed), getting as much sleep as possible, massage, support...talking realizing you are not alone! For alot of us stress triggers flare ups( mine have been kicking of late) and try to stay positive! Good luck and God Bless.
A2Hi Amanda, I too have tried Lyrica for my fibromyalgia without any relief. Currently I am on Ultram and Vicodin (7.5/500). One thing that has helped take the edge off and helps with the early morning stiffness is 2 Tylenol for arthritis and 1 Vit B-6. I also do Pilates and this has helped me to keep my range of motion.
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