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Q. am sexy yet fear ladies

Ayou are not very descriptive but from what i understand you have a very common problem and the best solution is going to therapy. a psychologist will diagnose you, see where the fear is coming from and help you getting over it. good luck!

Q. I fear whether this could affect my fetus too?

hi everyone …..My growing confusion for the pregnancy is being messed up with the infection of Lyme, I feel my hands not in order with pain in joints and it was there before pregnancy but I did not pay attention and I am now in the first trimester and this Lyme infection is adding fuel to the fire. I fear whether this could affect my fetus too. I discussed with the doctor but didn’t get valuable input and I have been asked to wait for some more time. She didn’t refer me to the specialist also. This is causing me great concern/…………..I feel depressed………..
AHey…be cool….nothing like that…..It seems your ignorance has taken the form of depression, but just to make it clear, I too was infected with Lyme in my 2 nd pregnancy and my son is now learning guitar from his dad. I too had same doubt 6 years before and it all ruined down and I am pregnant again. I just followed my Gynecologist advice and didn’t doubt her. I am not a qualified professional to talk about the problem in detail but a women having had that trouble but had healthy pregnancy without any problem.

Q. i have fear from hightes ... is there any way how to treat it and make it go a way or at least help me a bit

AYes. It's possible to treat it, usually through sessions with a psychologist in the form of behavioral therapy or psychotherapist. It should be done by a professional, of course.

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Q. i suffer from fear of heights ... is there any sociological way to treat it and make it less effective?

AFear of heights is a very common specific phobia, in psychiatric terms. Nowadays the best way of therapy is called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),in which a person learns how to deal with the phobia through cognitive thinking in steps. It is a very recommended method in psychology/ psychiatry these days.

Q. I am getting a sense of fear that I am getting addicted to alcohol.

hi my friends……I am getting a sense of fear that I am getting addicted to alcohol; I am not sure of it as I drink casually in parties and I feel like having it again alone….I don’t always get the feel of satisfaction. Moreover if there is no party I keep a party and once with the party I drink again alone…it’s just making my head turn to alcohol after party. has negative results in me as I have problem in getting my job done and I have lost huge money….please guide me…..I don’t want to go to doctor as I may lose my job if my office knows about it…
AThough alcohol can be consumed in a social life, as the proverb says ‘too much of anything is good for nothing’ more than adequate consumption of alcohol will amount to health issue which is a concern for anyone. A will is an instrument to change the direction of the flow you desire. I guess these are thoughts you require now. May be you are towards alcoholism, but a diagnosis test in the form of questionnaire hints on the persons will to accept and leave the alcohol. You have shown will to accept that you may be an alcoholic but leaving is the part of treatment and must be guided. For that please make your will strong to leave or reduce the consumption of alcohol to have a happy life ?

Q. I got a fear that this bipolar is a Long-Term Illness. Can anyone help me.

Hi, I am Markell. I am a student of Prescott College. These days, I can realize some changes in me and in my behavior. My physician told me that I am affected by bipolar. I have heard very little about bipolar and don’t have a clear idea. I got a fear that this bipolar is a Long-Term Illness? Can anyone help me?
AAs of right now there is no cure for bipolar disorder, so yes it is a long term illness. Having said that it is a managable long term illness. Did your doctor just tell you that you are suffering from bipolar disorder and excuse you? Or are you being treated for Bipolar disorder? I think it would be benificial for you to ask to be referred to a psychiatrist who can properly diagnose and treat you. Psychiatrists have a broader understanding of the medications and treatments that are effective when dealing with a mental illness. Gp's or family doctors tend to know very little about specialized illness' and can only help so much. If you can get a referral to a mood disorder clinic that could assist you with getting help not only from a Psychaitrist but also a councellor and group theropy, the combination of treatments could be very benificial for you.
This illness is life long but it is also managable. with the right support and medications you can lead a full and healthy life

Q. I also fear that if my case is diagnosed as Breast Cancer how can I achieve my dreams?

I am a Mechanical Student currently in my second year. It is very rare to find a girl pursuing this course. In fact, all my friends and well wishers too have advised me that it may be tough for a girl pursuing this course of study. I am a very stubborn girl very much firm in my opinion. For the recent past months, I fear that I may be having a breast cancer. I have lethal classes which I always found to be difficult. Of late, I could see a lump in the under arm area which is painful when touched. I fear that this may be due to the heavy workout which I had to do as per my curriculum. I have got so many dreams to be achieved in the near future and this worry is causing me greater concern that I am not able to concentrate in my studies and my performance in the college has also declined to the significant level. I feel that this needs to be diagnosed without any further delay. I also fear that if my case is diagnosed as Breast Cancer how can I achieve my dreams and lead a full-fledged life? Please advise me suitably….
A1as jenniferLinda said -there's little to worry about. a lump under the arm can be from many things...there are lymph nodes over there and every viral infection can cause swelling.
A2Hi don’t worry. A lump in the under arm area is one of the symptoms of breast cancer. The first and the foremost sign of breast cancer is a lump in the breast that can be felt by you or by the physician. A lump that is painless, hard and uneven edges is more likely to be diagnosed as Breast Cancer. But in your case the lump appears to be painful which is quite contrary to the symptom of breast cancer. I wish you to see other symptoms of breast cancer such as skin irritation, breast pain, nipple discharge, redness and thickening of the nipple. But I shall suggest you to consult your physician without any further delay and live without fear. I can assure you that there are remote chances for you to be diagnosed with breast cancer as breast cancer is very rare in women below 30 years.
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