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Q. I am using male enhancing drugs. I was told it can be dangerous can someone elaborate this for me?

To get an ereaction and to enjoy from a full sex life I am using male enhancing drugs. I was told it can be dangerous with the drugs I take for my heart problems. Is it true?
A1yes, its dangerous,if you are taking prescribed meds for an erection,maybe you can try,rize2, its a natural herb,its about 5 dollars a pill,but ive taken it before and the effects lasted for 4 days,you can just think about sex and get an erection,rock hard,,,and it will last as long as you do,take a few mins break and go again, i took one about a month ago,for my wife,(annaversary)we had sex for three and a half hours,stopped for a break,then did it again for another two hours,it was great,two days later at work i say a little hottie,started thinking had to stop because of the rize in the levis, good luck give it a try, can find it at the porn stores,,!!!!!
A2The male enhancing drugs can cause your heart to get less oxygen. If you take drugs that already makes your heart to work on a low oxygen metabolism it can cause a serious problem. If you suffer from chest pain and you take drugs from the nitrite family taking male enhancement drugs can be fatal for you.
I'll tell you my doctor always told me: "Before you take any new drug come to and I'll see it OK"
Don't play wth your health go see a GP
A3Yes it can be dangerous. But it depends on your heart problem and your medications. In general, before you take any new drug consult you GP for probable adverse affects.
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