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Q. Do they have any side effects?

what are the benefit of drugs like Divalproex and Carbamazepine over lithium for acute mania patients? Do they have any side effects?
AIt’s a good drug for acute mania patients, but has not been found to be effective in patients with depression. Patients who did not not respond to lithium are benefitted by this. The side effects are weight gain and sedation, as well as multiple drug-drug interactions.

Q. How long does Viagra's effect last?

My Husband got Viagra from his Doctor and wants to start taking it. How long does the effect last?
A1Here is a link to a video that answers your question:
A2Viagra works for about 4 hours. The Viagra will only work when your Husband needs it, when he is sexually aroused and when he isn't, the effect will go away.

Q. Does it carry any side effects?

I am pregnant and in my second trimester. I am having flu infections. I am prescribed with Sudafed. Does it carry any side effects?
A1sudafed is a symptomatical medication. and you can pass the flu without it. in it's instruction its recommended not to use it in pregnancy. so why use it? it's not like it's a life thretening situation and you can't survive without it. it's not worth the risk for the fetus if you ask me.
A2Yeah………..they have some known side effects. You may have high blood pressure, your present heart rhythm may get aggravated and you will also have problem to sleep.

Q. is sytropin effective?

Anever tried it - but i have to say i'm always skeptic when someone suggest a "wonder youth generating potion". it's supposed to have human growth hormone, and to be inflicted with a simple spraying.. that is a bit odd, due to the fact that it's a poly-peptide and that poly-peptide cannot be inserted to the body in any way but injection.

Q. Is acupuncture effective.

I heard about a Chinese origin treatment called acupuncture. One of my friends who suffer from wheezing tried with this treatment and considers the treatment to be very slow. Is acupuncture effective?
A1NO… It is not effective in the hands of children.
Yes… as long as you are totally honest about your symptoms to your doctor.
A2one of the problems with chinese meds/herbal meds/nutural meds is that it takes longer to work than conventional meds-also these alternative meds are more for prevention--if you use them on a daily bases your body will become resistant to some diseaces,but this is not always the case-there is a lot of hype connected to these alternative meds.everyone has a cure for something in the news/info TV my suggestion is to dont experament with your health stay with what works/has been proven to work--out of all the sick people i have worked on in the hospital(USA),over25yrs-I have not seen nutural meds cure any one,what i have seen is people wasting time while there disease gets worst-alternative meds are more hype than proof---dont play with your health--mrfoot56--peace
A3i helped a friend who studied Chinese medicine - he needed a patient and i wanted to try it. he did all sort of treatments on me. inserted needles all over my body. it was very helpful! it worked like a charm! but the efficiency varies between people and problems.

Q. Will there be any adverse effect?

I am planning to start on multi vitamin tablets and want to know will it be beneficial and will there be any adverse effect?
AYes….go ahead and have them…..keep it less initially…..slowly increase 2 then 3 then ....decrease to one per day. You will find your hair and nails beautiful. You will sleep better. It will fill your vitamin gap in nutrition and if it exceeds it will be thrown out of body.

Q. What effect it will have in his brain……….

hi all…………..whenever my bipolar son gets in to different episodes it makes me to think what effect it will have in his brain……….does it got anything to do with brain? But It didn’t strike me to discuss about this with my doctor….
A1after a while without treatment it's hard to stay without any kind of brain damage... the brain is a biological material which is affected by materials that ravage it over and over again. bipolar disorder can get worse, adding hallucinations and such.
A2There is evidence to show a link between hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axes. The researchers have proved that people with bipolar disorder lose brain function over a period of time. MRI scans of the brains of 20 patients with bipolar disorder showed that everyone loses a small amount of tissue over time. The repeated episodes of illness harm the brain and lead to the decline.
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