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Q. what to take to ease the pain of fibromyalgia?

AAs with many other syndromes, there is no universally accepted cure for fibromyalgia. Pain relief can be found with usage of common analgesics including NSAID medications over the counter. You can also try muscle relaxants. Traditionally, low doses of sedating antidepressants have been used to reduce the sleep disturbances that are associated with fibromyalgia and are believed by some practitioners to alleviate the symptoms of the disorder.

Q. guys !!! what medicines are they for easing ad depression?

Athere is a lot of use for Prozac in all sorts of depression, but that's not a "wonder medication" it's not working if you just take the pills. it has to be accompanied by a therapy or it's almost useless.

Q. what are the symptoms of bipolar??? how would you ease the feeling or the symptoms that come with the disease

ABipolar disorder is a physical illness that needs to be treated by a psychiatrist. i think the only way to ease the symptoms is with regular and exact medicinal help. it is proven to be effective and it might save your life.

Q. what are the symptoms of bipolar??? how would you ease the feeling or the symptoms that come with the disease

A1i'm afraid that stability can be achieved mostly by taking medication and being on a therapy with a psychiatrist. as Jenn said- physical health is also important in order to remove any instabilities that is caused by "laziness". healthy body - healthy mind. but still continue taking your meds ;)
A2Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that triggers major mood swings. Patients move between major depressed states and states of mania.

Depression symptoms- loss of interest in things once important, excessive sleeping, crying, feelings of hopelessness, inability to function through the days, sometimes an inability to get out of bed or shower, loss of appitite, and suicidal thoughts.

Mania- excessive energy, sleeplessness, excessive spending, irritability, hyper sexuality, inflamed sence of ego, sometimes delusions or halucinations (Bipolar 1).

Bipolar patience may quickly cycle through these moods or they may last for extended periods...

The way to manage the illness is with medications, knowledge, acceptance, plenty of excercise, eating well, plenty of rest, talk theropy is also very helpful. Group and individual theropy.

I hope this helps you!

Q. My dad was just burned from hot water what should he do to ease the pain?

My dad had just spilled hot tea on his thigh. Is there anything we can do to ease his pain? should we go to the hospital?
A1To ease the pain your dad can take some kind of NSAID (if he is not allergic to them of course) - though it's better to consult his doctor or the pharmacist. you can also take a wet towel and put it on the burned area. more important is that if its very painful or if it has blisters or if the burn is on the genitalia area - go to see a doctor because there is a risk (small risk but still) for serious damage.
A2First of all calm down. hot tea will rarely deal real damage if it is spilled just on the thigh.
If the burned area looks like this:
its just a first degree burn and he can take a regular OTC medication - just ask the pharmacist.
if it looks like this:
go to the hospital

Q. is it true herbs can ease the pain and the development of Arthritis???

A1yes, herbs can help to relieve arthritis. However, you must take the correct herbs for your specific symptom presentation. You can see a list of herbs suggested by a Master Herbalist here:

It is always recommended to visit a professional herbalist when treating a complicated disease, such as arthritis.

You can also try acupuncture for arthritis. Acupuncture has been shown to be clinically effective for many types of osteoarthritis and helping in managing rheumatoid arthritis.
A2complicated answer...there are alot of misleading info about natural remedies throughout the internet. read this article of the "American college of Rheumatology" that will explain it all:

Q. I was diagnosed with "Baker's cyst". The pain in very irritating. what can I do to ease the pain?

I was diagnosed with "Baker's cyst". The pain in very irritating but I prefer not to undergo surgery or steroid injections. is there another more "holistic" way to take care of my situation?
A1Here are some more "holistic" options that helped me (though you should consult your doctor before doing anything...):
Knee bracing and quadriceps physiotherapy.
If you don't want surgery and don't want to be injected with steroids, but it is OK with you to suction the cyst - I heard it can help a lot, but I must say I didn't try it.
A2There are several ways to take care of your pain.
Bed rest and elevation of the leg during night time should help the pain.
If it doesn't help you can try to put ice packs on the area. If cold didn't do the job you can try heating the knee.
I must admit that after trying all those methods I chose to do the surgery, but maybe you will gain from them more than I did.
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