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Q. Tinnitus (Ringing and Other Ear Noise)

Anybody have this problem? Urrrrrrrrrrr, I think I want to shoot myself,you know what I mean. It is worst than the chinese torture. Someone, please send me a good tip how to stop it. I have this for 4 yrs and it is driving me crazy. You cannot enjoy total complete silence. They say silence is golden but not when you have this ringgi in your ears. It gets worst when there is no noise. The only remedy I have is eating hot spicy curry, it helps for 2-3 wks and then it comes back again and then eating spicy food again. Listening to classical music helps to. Oh well.....just have to suck it up.
A1I've read that lipoflavinoids can help.
A2I think I am use to it and I will just get use to it.
I talked to others and they said there is no cure, just suck it up
A3hhmm.. sounds really disturbing. I will suggest you to go see your ENT specialist. it might be correlated with your inner structure inside your ear.

Q. What causes high pitch ringing in one ear?

A1I never knew that about Iron. Thank you F3_4u
A2Many people have a ringing in their ears and there they never figure out what it is caused by. In my personal case, the ringing in my ears went away after I was treated for extreme anemia (treated with Iron).
A3Acoustic neuromas. it's small, slow growing benign tumors that press against or invade the auditory nerves. If your tinnitus is only in one ear, you should see your physician to rule this one out.
also one side ripping of eardrum.
wax blockage.
one ear infection.

some of them you know you have (ripped eardrum) and the others- it'll be a good idea to see a Dr.

Q. my ears do not hear well especially when it's cold. i hear my breath and heart beat. what's my prolem? Denis

when i breathe it feels like the breath goes through the ear when the weather is cold or when i do some excercise like jogging
A1for ear infections or blocked ear tube - try out the eardoc
A2what you hear is the pulse of the arteries in your ear. the cold thing might be because of pressure differences between inner ear and outer environment. this can pressure the ear drum from the inside, leaving you hearing only your thoughts...

Q. My friend has bleeding ears , chronic headaches and she is always tired. Do you know what's wrong?

This is not like her she is normalt very active and she has not had any trama to her ear so I don't know what is going on.
A1for the ear pain - try out
A2Sounds very suspicious. Frnakly? I'd consult my doctor, especially since you describe she has some mental change.

It's not really possible to make this diagnosis over the net.

Q. i suffer for ma chronic ear infection ! every time i take a shower i need to pay my mind that water does not

go in and i'm tired of it ... every time a drop comes in i get an infection ! is there any thing out there that might help me ?
A1if ear plugs dos not help and you stile have an ear infection ,
try out the eardoc
it is a non invasive device for reliving the ear pain by opening the ear tube.,
A2Have you tried to use ear plugs? The may seal the ears and prevent waters from coming in.

Depending on your age, there are several prevention methods (e.g. surgery in children). Consulting a doctor such as an otolaryngologist may also be wise.

Q. i lost a lot of hearing in my ears a couple of years ago,and i had a mri done,the mri said i had ETD,

the ETD caused my eushation tube to close,its very uncomfortable,i dont feel the wind or air in my ears no more,i also feel fluid behind my ear drum,i lost a lot of inner hearing,its hard to hear my own voice,and nothing sounds clear,i also feel presser behind my ear drum from the fluid,i went to several doctors for this and i tryed medican and nothing worked,i tryed steriods for the influmation in my ears,that didnt work,i asked many doctors to drain my ears and give me venteling tubes,no doctor will do it,is there anyone out there that has the same ear problem that i do,and the doctors wont give them the tubes?why are the doctors not puting tubes in ears anymore?is it just me.or is everyone getting turned down for the tubes in there ears?i just feel so alone in this does anyone have the same problem and if they do could you share your experence,it would be nice to talk to someone that has the ETD ear problem like me,im in content discomfort,and i dont understand why nobody will help.
A1from some reason it did not upload the it is:
A2look, i don't know what tube you want to insert your Eustachian Tube, but from what i know the only way to deal with that is dealing with the infection that probably cause it. there is no tube that you can insert, or a wash you could do. the Eustachian Tube is located in unaccessible area...between the middle ear and the nasopharinx:
so there's no way to reach it and it wouldn't matter. if the inflammation still there it will be closed about 20 minutes again.

Q. Is cholesteatoma a form of cancer?

My ear Doctor diagnosed me with cholesteatoma. I am very scared. Does this mean I have cancer? Can I die from this?
ACholesteatomas are not a form of cancer. They are benign tumors. They can destroy the bones of hearing as they grow, especially when the ear is infected or if water gets into the middle ear with other infections.
Cholesteatomas are not life threatening but should be treated since they can cause complications if are not treated. If not treated, cholesteatomas will eventually erode the bone leading into the inner ear. This can cause nerve loss and deafness as well as severe imbalance and dizziness. The thin plate of bone that separates the roof of the ear from the brain can also be eroded by cholesteatomas. This exposes the covering of the brain. In extreme situations, it can lead to brain infection and other severe complications.
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