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Q. dose it ever get better?

Dose the feeling of useing ever go away?
A1Well to answer you question bluntly, no they never go away. It just gets easier to say no. I still want to use everyday and I have been clean for 4 years. I still have using dreams. The hard days are when you try to tell yourself that all your problems would go away if you could just get high one more time. what one more time gonna hurt?.....Everything....drugs are way to escape or make you feel like someone your not. my biggest hurdle was really looking at myself and then forgiving myself for all the pain my addiction caused. Everyone has their bottom. Everytime you want to use, put yourself back at that bottom. you will come to realize that life has been patiently waiting for you. The darkness will will fade and you will find your place. Good luck to you I hope you find strength will come in time.
A2hard question- i've never been in that situation so i can't tell you personally. but i worked a short time with prisoners, and from what i hear the craving never goes away but you can control and avoid it. by staying away from the places and people that remind you drug using.
if you understand what you have to loose can help. at least that's what they said. one told me that if it comes up he thinks of his 4 year old girl the day they took him to prison. that's enough for him.
good luck!!
if you ever need help- you can always ask.

Q. how long dose costochondritis last

Aa friend of mine who had the disease saw an improvement within a few weeks, and it resolved completely within a few months,but his doctor said there are patients in whom this problem persists for some time. All symptoms of pain should resolve within six months.

Q. hemorroid stapling dose any one know about this first hand,or had it done themself? mail me if you have!Thanks

Hi, I will have this done on 8/4 . I do need to have some info. about it from someone who has had it done what I need to know before hand!HOW MUCH PAIN, BLEEDING ect. Drs can only tell you so much because they do the surgery but not had it done themself. Please let me know soon, Please!
AI haven't had it done first hand but I do know from people who have done it that it can hurt in the first few days after and there will be slight bleeding, however that is expected decrease dramatically and make the bleeding eventually stop.

Q. how long dose pills take to get pills out your system

A1Marijuana takes about a month to leave your system ,ask someone who has to have a UA
A2How long it takes to leave your system depends on how much you smoke. But the time maxes out at around 45 days. One smoking session for someone with a clean system takes about 3-4 days to be clean. Smoke 2 days later and then have to wait about a week, and so on. The time it will take roughly doubles every time you smoke until it maxes at about 45 days to be clean. So if you are maxed out and you wait about 2 weeks and then smoke again, you're basically back to 45 days. This also depends on the test. Most job drug tests only test down to about 100 nanograms, which isn't dead accurate but will pick up if you are a smoker obviously. Court-appointed tests can test anywhere down to 10-20 nanograms, which is very accurate, and can also detect high levels of water, and any other drug test liquids. You can not fool those tests, and drinking water and tea does nothing for getting weed out of your system at all. The ONLY way to get it out is time, because it is in your blood. Hope this helps.
A3what about weed

Q. I have asthma. It really troubles me when I run.How can I control my daily dose of excersize.

A1Thank you to every one who answered this.It is very hard for me to do a daily task like take out a trash can & my little 9 yr. old brother had asthma when he was 2.he had to be hospitalized for it.
A2hi jamsis; i have asthma,me and my sister were both born with this disease--my sister died when she was 4yrs old,alcohol had a part in parents were drinking and druging the night that she died,at that time i lived with my grandmother,i can still remember my grandmother screeming at my parents to take my sister to the hospital,but they waited to long and she stopped breathing--im telling you this story so that you can under stand what asthma can do to you at anytime,you never know when you may have and asthma attack. you have to remember this so that you can change the things that you do -that may cause you to have and attack--try and keep your meds(inhaler)with you when you go out,remember there are a lot of things you can do that will not bother your asthma.---mrfoot56.
A3swimming is one best option for asthmatic patients. Good luck!

Q. after takeing a 1g. dose of zithromax how long do u have to wait to have sex for clamydia

i havent been diagnosed yet but to be on the safe side they gave me a 1g. z-pack just in case getting tested in two days but i wanted to see a girl this weekend and sleep with a girl should i wait
A1you need to wait till the doctor says its ok,i would wait 30 days just too be safe.
A2sorry for disappointing you stud- this is a 21 days of treatment...absolutely no sex threw that period. and after that period, you need to go and check up and then the Doctor can allow you to what you do...
just tell the girl that you are nor ready yet and you are not sure she is the right person :) , you like her too much so you want to hold it a bit. :)
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