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Q. Can a dog become alcoholic?

my uncle has an English bulldog and he lets it drink from his beer every night. Is it possible that the dog will become alcoholic?
AMaybe. Animals are capable of becoming addicted to drugs (in fact many animals are used in research about drugs), although since it can't reach to the alcohol itself, and the dog isn't expected to go to work every day it probably would cause much less damage than addiction in humans.

However, alcohol has many deleterious effects apart from that on the brain, so it may damage the dog's liver, pancreas, heart etc.

Q. Can dogs be bipolar?

I know it sounds weird but I really think my dog is... some days he acts normal and on others he doesn't even open his eyes... Is there a way to diagnose him??
A1that's a good idea though I wonder how to find a good dog therapist...I mean it'll be hard to prove he know what he's doing- right? He can tell me that he does stuff that only him and my dog understand...
A2there are animal psychiatrist, but i'm not sure it'll help..the treatment in humans is medicinal, i have no idea how dogs react to those medications. maybe the animal psychiatrist will have a clue.
A3Yea you should see his good days!!! My friends look at him and there all like: I'll have what he's having... no but seriously, if he is bipolar it's terrible- I've got to help him somehow...

Q. i have been bitten by a dog recently , and i wanted to know what should i do and what is the recommended

treatment ?
A1go see your doctor asap,also find out if the dog had its rabies shot,most of importantly GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW.
A2First of all, GO SEE A DOCTOR - the specific treatment (including immunization against rabies) depends on the specific regulation of every place. Generally, it depends on the status of the dog that has bitten you - it should be held for 10 days to see if it develops rabies.

In addition, antibiotics may be prescribed in order to prevent infection of the bite site.

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Q. I am a bit allergic to dogs, but would still want to get one

are there dog breeds that are better allergy wise?
AI don't know about it, and usually the best measures to treat allergy is the avoidance of the pet, but there are several measures to reduce the exposure to allergens of pets:

* Reduce reservoirs: remove carpets, reduce upholstered furniture to a minimum, replace drapes with blinds, or/and vacuum clean weekly using a cleaner with good filtration, ie, double thickness bags and filtration of air leaving the bag.

* Room air filters: HEPA or electrostatic (maintenance rules are better defined for HEPA).
* Washing dogs twice a week may help.

However, this is only a general advice, and allergy is a serious condition, so before you make a decision about having a dog you should consult a doctor (e.g. an immunologist).

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Q. can one who has Allergy to dogs , live with a dog?

A1I guess you can if you treat the allergy. you should consult a doctor about that of course but let me offer you try I-pec, it's a new methos of allergies diagnose and treatment.
A2Allergy can be developed to many things, so it's not impossible, although it's not common. The allergy may be developed against the dog substances (e.g. dandruff) or against insects on the dog.

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Q. can dogs suffer from the same illnesses we do?

I work with lots of dogs. I have a few with problems that doesn't fit pets, I guess... I think the pointer has autism. can it be?? and if they eat too much sugar (cause I have one who go crazy for it), can they get diabetes? I know it sounds weird but I really hope you can help me..
A1Dogs can suffer from cancer and some others illness human suffers. After all we have 75% genes in common. They can also duffer from problem in the nervous system, that may lead you to think it's like autism, but i'm not sure it's the same..
Try do more research on it on the search engine and on the web.
A2i wouldn't count on it. it's not easy diagnosing it at a human. and the diagnose is on the level of communication, and it's a bit hard to do that with a dog.
A3so a dog really can have autism? how can I tell for sure?

Q. What kind of dogs are considered "low allergy" breeds?

My son really wants a dog and I am allergic. Not severely but... Promised to look into getting a low allergy one. Appreciate any info including how to source free/low cost as money is tight.
A1Take in mind that there are also other criteria for choosing a dog. Some of them need special grooming and some aren't really great with kids, but you can check out these breeds and more at www. As for myself, I have had several Bichon Frises, and they can be great with kids and other pets, and they are hardy and very, very intelligent!! They arent too big either! Good luck on your hunt!
A2You want a non-shedding dog. There are many breeds now available, including the "new" Labradoodles. Chances are you wont find one cheap from any breeder, but you can go to a rescue site and see whats available. Some non-shedders who are also easy on allergic people are: Airedale Terrier, Australian Terrier,
Basenji, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Bouvier des Flandres, Cairn Terrier (Toto from Wizard of Oz!) Chinese Crested, Havanese, Kerry Blue Terrier ,Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer, Norfolk Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Poodle (all types), Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Tibetan Terrier,, Welsh Terrier
West Highland White Terrier, Xoloitzcuintli ,
Yorkshire Terrier…
I think that's it ?
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